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YouTube Star Alex ‘Sir Kipsta’ Dragomir Dead At 17 Hard Surgery, Weakness Reason Revealed

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Youtube star Alex Dragomir sadly passes at a very young age of 17. The inspirational teen, who was known online as Sir Kipsta, died on Thursday after undergoing a seven-hour operation to save his life.

Recounting the events that led up to this sad time in history is important for understanding how one person’s struggle with mental illness can reach so many others and inspire them all along their journey

Confirming the sad news was Alex’s sister, who tweeted via his account on late Thursday, “Hello, as you all might already know my brother passed away today he had a very hard operation which lasted 7 hours but his heart couldn’t take it anymore, he was too weak to survive.” Calling her brother “Baby angel” who “was my rock my everything,” she added, “Heaven gained another angel… . RIP Alex.”YouTube Star Alex 'Sir Kipsta' Dragomir Dead At 17 Hard Surgery, Weakness reason Revealed

Alex’s sister announced that his fans’ support was what kept him going through the hospital and gave him the energy to carry on. “Thank you so much for all your amazing messages of love and support,” she wrote in a separate tweet, according to People magazine. His friends have been trying their best not only just by visiting but also by sending kind words too!

Alex Dragomir, a former Cockshut Hill School student and well-known FIFA pro-gamer has passed away. Alex had been fighting cancer for the past two years since his diagnosis in 2015. The school confirmed with sadness that he died today at 3:00 pm EST due to complications from chemotherapy treatment last Friday following an infection stemming from pneumonia earlier this month.YouTube Star Alex 'Sir Kipsta' Dragomir Dead At 17 Hard Surgery, Weakness reason Revealed

In what now has become his final message to his followers, Alex asked his fans to “pray” for his recovery before having the surgery. “Going in for a life-saving procedure,” he tweeted on Wednesday, June 9, “if it doesn’t work then it’s been a great time people thank you for all you’ve done for me but we pray we see it through and we pray we get fatter and fitter after it for them to see progress and not say they can’t do anything after surgery.”

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