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Study found Coronavirus stays on surfaces of hospitals, floors of patient rooms and also many places

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Scientists have just discovered that the Ebola virus has a unique genetic signature, but you can’t automatically assume they’re infecting healthcare workers.

Scientists recently found out about an interesting discovery – the Ebola Virus has its own set of genetic signatures. This means it’s possible to identify if somebody is infected by this deadly disease right away without needing to take more than one test!

The researchers at the hospital discovered that SARS-CoV is found in 39 percent of floors and surfaces next to beds, 20% outside rooms where patients are undergoing Covid-19 treatment, and 16% on room surface. The numbers remain high for up to five days following infection.Study found Coronavirus stays on surfaces of hospitals, floors of patient rooms and also many places

A new study on Coronavirus revealed that the virus or at least its genetic signature was found in floor samples. The SARS-CoV-2, which is a common strain of coronaviruses and causes symptoms such as high fever, coughing, breathing difficulties, etc.; were detected 39% next to beds where patients underwent Covid treatment for other diseases like measles; 20% outside patient’s rooms near doorways (possibly from infected people coming into the room); 16% inside hospital rooms on surfaces including bedside tables with cups and toothbrushes nearby.

Researchers, who also noted that even though the virus’s unique genetic signature was detected on a surface, it didn’t necessarily mean they were able to infect the healthcare workers tending to patients.

The researchers also documented the fact that the maximum chances of spreading SARS-CoV-2 infection is through human interactions and in rare cases through surface transmission. However, none of the healthcare workers tested positive with the virus during the course of their treatment patients who contracted Covid 19.

Although limited to samples collected from one hospital, researchers expected other hospitals treating affected victims will give similar results as well.

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