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Ellen DeGeneres SLAMMED with $500 MILLION DIVORCE by Portia de Rossi Amid Adoption Battle

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are ready to adopt a child after ten years of marriage. Sources say that the main cause for their marital issues was Ellen’s workaholic tendencies, which led her to neglect her wife in favor of working more hours than she should have been spending at home with Portia.

Ellen DeGeneres was a huge proponent of adoption and convinced Portia de Rossi to adopt as well. They were looking into different agencies when they realized that there are plenty of children waiting for homes at any given time, so the couple opted not to go through with it after all.

Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi were looking for a new beginning after the massive success of their sitcom, “Ellen.” They decided to adopt as soon as they could make it happen.Ellen DeGeneres SLAMMED with $500 MILLION DIVORCE by Portia de Rossi Amid Adoption Battle

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s divorce rumors have been circulating for years now. Ellen promoted comedian Kevin Hart on his homophobic comments, which made her wife pull out of their adoption plan in disgust before eventually deciding to file for a divorce after the vegan essay was published by Elle Magazine where she voiced how unhappy she felt with being married to someone who is not supportive of her activism.

Despite the rumors, Ellen never wanted a divorce from Portia. Once Gossip Cop debunked them, things finally started to work out between them again and left us with hope in their marriage.

Ellen is a woman who has always been vocal about not wanting any kids, but she doesn’t seem to want them as much as people might think.

Ellen and De Genres have been together for many years, but they still want to be able to experience becoming parents. They adopt a puppy named Kid that has helped them get through the process of adoption while also being their source of unconditional love in life.

The couple has three cats and four dogs. They’re not having children, but they do have their animals! Ellen believes that it’s the closest thing to God she can find on earth. The De Genres also run a wildlife fund for endangered species around the world- both of them share in its operation with joy and laughter at how popular it is among gossip columnists who want nothing more than see an heir or two come from these unlikely parents. But now there’s another precious little creature coming into this family – one adopted dog named Kid .

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