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NBA Youngboy Baby mama k! Expecting a 8th child?! AMAZING updates!

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NBA Young boy baby mama k? How many baby mamas does NBA Young kid have? How many kids does NBA Young kid have? Read on to know more!

NBA Youngkid
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What is NBA Youngboy baby mama k and Why has NBA Youngboy baby mama k been trending for the past few weeks? All the quuestions related to NBA Youngboy baby mama k will be explained in this article. Read on to know more about NBA Young boy and his relationships and children.

NBA Youngboy, which can be expanded into Youngboy Never Broke Again, is the stage name of Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. He uses the name NBA Youngboy for his professional career. Kentrell DeSean Gaulden is an American rapper and songwriter, who was born on October 20, 1999. Aged 21, NBA Youngboy is one of the youngest and famous rappers in the American Rap scene.


NBA Youngboy was born in Baton Rouge in Louisiana, as the second child of Sherhonda Gaulden. He was brought up in a problematic family and grew up facing a lot of problems from his family and  society.

His father’s name is not known to anybody. But NBA Youngboy mentions in one of his songs that his father is in prison, serving a 55- year jail term. Later, his mother also left him with his grandmother and moved on. So, NBA Youngboy was raised by his grandmother for a major part of his life. During his childhood with his grandmother, NBA Youngboy was reckless and broke his neck in a wrestling accident when he four years old. So, NBA Youngboy had to wear a head brace until his spine was healed. This head brace permanently left visible scars on his forehead.

NBA Youngboy pursued his schooling at the Scotlandville Magnet High School. But, he decided to drop about when he was in his ninth grade. According to sources, it is believed that NBA Youngboy dropped out of school because he did not have school uniforms and also did not have any clean and neat enough dresses to wear for attending school. This tells us the sort of childhood NBA Youngboy grew up in. It is natural for a young kid without proper guidance, to fall into the morally wrong parts of  society. NBA Youngboy was no exception and his life turned in the same way too.

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After dropping out, NBA Youngboy tried to focus on his passion for music and joined with his friends to start a band named NBA. But money started to become an issue in NBA Youngboy’s life. He was financially weak to complete his studio recordings and at one point, his friend NBA 3Three’s mother paid and covered up the money needed for his studio time. Inevitably, the hardships he faced pushed him towards criminal acts.

After some time, NBA Youngboy was arrested with three people in a shooting and driving incident at Kentucky street in 2016. He was 17 years old when this incident occurred, he was arrested and sent to juvenile detention in Tallulah, Louisiana. This period of six months of confinement had an impact on NBA Youngboy’s life and he was inspired to write the lyrics for the song which would later be his debut song. Read on to know more about NBA Youngboy baby mama k and other kids.

NBA Youngboy baby mama k


NBA Youngboy is probably one of the rappers who shot to fame also due to their personal life. At the age of 21, NBA Youngboy has complicated relationships with a few women. But, he is also the proud father of seven children! For a young adult man, it seems almost unusual to have seven children with a different woman. Yet our NBA Youngboy has currently seven children and is ready to welcome his eighth child too!

It is not possible to talk about NBA Youngboy’s children without mentioning his “Baby Mamas”. So it is important to know about NBA Youngboy Baby mama k along with other kids too. Baby Mamas are the biological mothers of the children of NBA Youngboy. As he has had children with few women, the term Baby Mamas is used to refer to them. Read on to know about NBA Youngboy baby mama k and other kids too.



She is one of the first baby mamas of NBA Youngboy. They both were together in 2016 and  the same year, Nisha and NBA Youngboy welcomed their son. They named their son Kayden and he was NBA Youngboy’s first kid.

The same couple also went on to have another kid after four years. They gave birth to daughter Armani in June of 2020. Baby mama Nisha currently has two kids of NBA Youngboy.


Starr and NBA also were in a relationship and broke up later. It was said that they gave birth to two children. But after the suspicions, Starr was asked to prove through a DNA test that they were NBA’s kids. Later it was revealed that one of the babies, baby Kamron, was not NBA Youngboy’s biological kid. And Kamiri was proved to be NBA’s own kid. Kamron, also known as Baby K, was not NBA’s kid, but he announced that he will certainly take care of him along with his other children. This was very well appreciated by a lot of people. NBA Youngboy baby mama k refers to the baby mamas and Baby K.


NBA Youngboy has had a one-night stand with Niya in 2017. Later, when she announced that she was pregnant, NBA Youngboy asked her to do a paternity test. After the test, it was confirmed that the child known as Tay Tay was the biological son of  an NBA Young kid.


NBA Youngboy baby mama k

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The next baby mama is the popular social media influencer, Jania Bania. They were in a relationship in late 2017 and broke up in 2018. Jania Bania gave birth to their next son named Kacey in 2019.


NBA Youngboy was in a relationship with Yaya Mayweather, the daughter of the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. NBA and Yaya gave birth and welcomed their son Kentrell Jr. in January 2021. Kentrell was officially the seventh child and the latest addition to the NBA Youngboy baby mama k family.


NBA Youngboy baby mama k

NBA Youngboy is currently in jail for the federal weapon charges, but he still tries to contact his fans through the letters. In the latest letter, he has mentioned that Jazlyn, his current girlfriend, is pregnant and is expecting a child soon. He has also talked about his worries about not being there with his girlfriend during these times. This would be the eighth child in the NBA Youngboy family. Let us hope for some good news soon!

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