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Gwen Stefani broke up with her long term boyfriend, Blake Shelton before the news of being pregnant with twin boys.

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are always in the news for ups and downs with their relationship. Gwen Stefani is currently in a happy, long-term relationship with fellow country singer Blake Shelton that has been going on since 2014 after they met at The Voice’s Season 7 Finale. However, recently there was a shocking revelation about them: it turns out they almost parted ways before realizing Gwen had gotten pregnant around Thanksgiving last year!

The Real Reason Behind Breakup:Gwen Stefani broke up with her long term boyfriend, Blake Shelton

Sources say that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were on the verge of breaking up before their twin boys arrived. Reportedly, they had many disagreements due to unsuccessful IVF treatments. These failures led them into continuous arguments with one another – some close sources even claim that while he changed his mindset about being a father himself in order for her not to conceive more children through him, she didn’t want any child at all from either parent until perfect circumstances arose which could allow both parents’ careers time off together without sacrificing too much money or success. Due to all these problems, the couple decided to get separated and stay away from each other.

Once upon a time, Gwen Stefani was madly in love with Gavin Rossdale. She was married to Gavin for 14 long years before she filed divorce papers four years ago. The couple has three children together and even now that they’re separated, the singer is still deeply in love with her ex-husband! Recently there were rumors of an ugly fight between Gwen and Blake Shelton when it came out what had happened but both parties are working on their relationship again so maybe they will get through this rough patch like before?Gwen Stefani broke up with her long term boyfriend, Blake Shelton

Once upon a time, Gwenn Stefani loved her husband (married him too!) for over fourteen years until he ended up filing divorce papers himself around four months back!

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