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Robert Downey Jr Fans Pissed With Him For Betraying Marvel, What Really Happened?

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After a successful nine-year run, Robert Downey Jr. is leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Endgame and now he wants to try something new with his career after spending so much time playing Tony Stark/Iron Man

Iron Man’s days in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are over, and Robert Downey Jr. is ready to move on from his legendary tenure as a superhero with many fans still hoping for one last appearance of Iron Man before he retires.

Robert Downey will produce DC films nowRobert Downey Jr Fans Pissed With Him For Betraying Marvel, What Really Happened?

Robert Downey Jr. has been at the heart of Marvel since 2008, with Iron Man being one of his most famous roles in a superhero film franchise that is now worth over $22 billion including merchandise and other revenue streams–but he’s not leaving without giving DC’s cinematic universe another shot first.

As soon as Jeff Lemire’s DC comic book series ‘Sweet Tooth’ made its way to Netflix, RDJ was sure not too far behind. Robert Downey Jr. confirmed the news himself in a recent tweet and even shared some photos from his production of the upcoming original program with wife Susan at their side.

The input is about Hollywood actor, producer, and director Robery Downey Jr.’s new project on streaming service Netflix called Sweet Tooth based off a graphic novel by Canadian writer Jef Lemire (DC Comics).

Netflix has released the trailer for ‘Sweet Tooth’, their eight-episode series based on a DC comic book of the same name. The story will follow Gus, who is part human and animal hybrid living in a post-apocalyptic world where he must battle to survive while being hunted by humans unaware that this new species exists.

The protagonist’s life truly isn’t easy; his existence relies entirely on him hiding from other people like himself as they hunt down those different than them with no remorse or forethought about what effect it might have – both mentally and physically – when such hatred prevails throughout society without any sense of mercy towards others around you.


Many Marvel fans were surprised to hear Robert Downey Jr. is one of the series’ producers, and it’s understandable why: RDJ abruptly switched from being a champion for Marvel movies like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America to taking on some DC characters with Batman v Superman!

Downey may be starting a fresh chapter with this DC project, but that doesn’t rule out the prospect of him returning to MCU in the future. As per sources, he and his Russo brothers gave minor hints at virtual ‘Avengers: Endgame’ quarantine parties commemorating its one-year anniversary for fans – maybe hinting about his return to the Marvel franchise? The rumors have also been going on online around March saying he was discussing reprising the Iron Man role again.

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