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iCarly Revival Everything about reboot: Here’s How Sam’s Absence Was Explained

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iCarly has returned for its fifth season, with three of the original cast members in tow. When it was first announced that this show would be coming back to Paramount+ there were many questions on everyone’s mind; one being what will happen now that Sam is gone? It turns out her absence is addressed just two episodes into the revival!

When Nickelodeon announced the revival of “iCarly” without original star Jeanette McCurdy, fans were up in arms. The OG cast even tried to get her back for one final episode but she declined their offer and decided to focus on other aspects of life.

“We all called her separately and we really wanted her to be a part of it, but at the same time I’m happy for her because I know that she’s her life taken her in a different direction and that she’s really enjoying what she’s doing right now,” Cosgrove said in an interview with “Seventeen.” “So I think we all kind of did what we were probably meant to do.”iCarly Revival Everything about reboot: Here’s How Sam’s Absence Was Explained

Carly starts off the new series of “iCarly” heartbroken and aimless after Sam left. With nothing to do with her time for a while, she tries co-hosts but finally returns because so many viewers have stuck around over the years. And where is Samantha? She’s coming back!

Of course, it would be tough without our favorite iCarly host/producer Sam on board in Season 8 – Carly was especially lost about what to do at first before finding herself again later on when McCurdy returned from hiatus (due in large part to popular demand).

“She’s off following her bliss with that biker gang,” Carly reveals during a cute moment with Freddie (Kress).

Apparently, the gang is called The Obliterators, and Sam is absolutely thriving with them. Though Freddie worries about her, Carly makes a good point: “It’s Sam. I hope they’re okay.”

A new chapter of “iCarly” has been released, with Sam joining a biker gang. Fans will remember that this is not much different from what the original series made her do in its final season before it was canceled.

The Paramount+ show’s cast members have confirmed they would welcome McCurdy back to act as she pleases if she were interested and an opportunity arose for them to work together again.

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