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U.S. to Spend More than $3 billion for COVID-19 antiviral pills, official says

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Antiviral pills are at the forefront of America’s top priorities. The United States spends $3 billion to advance the development and will be able to provide a much-needed measure of relief for those in need. The United States is investing a total of $3 billion to develop COVID-19, which will be their answer to the virus.

The pills, which would be used to minimize symptoms after infection could begin arriving by the end of this year depending on how quickly clinical trials are completed.

The White House will be holding a briefing on its COVID-19 plans with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert this morning at 10 am EST to answer any questions that reporters may have for him regarding his recommendations related to COVID-19.

The White House will be hosting its first briefing on COVID-19, the nation’s top infectious disease expert and Director of the National Institute for Allergy And Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci.U.S. to Spend More than $3 billion for COVID-19 antiviral pills, official says

The Biden administration has just announced their plan to put a new tax on the birth control pill, which is an effective way for women to take care of themselves and prevent unwanted pregnancy. Officials say that they are doing this to save Americans money when it comes time for them to buy health insurance; however, many people have disagreed with these plans because contraceptives can cost over $600 per year even if you get them through your employer’s healthcare coverage – meaning citizens would be paying more than ever before! The New York Times first reported news of the impending changes earlier today (Thursday).

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