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Frontier Season 4: Confirmed? Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and everything you need to know.

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Fans of Frontier has been anxiously waiting for the fourth season, ever since, the release of the finale episode of the third season on December 21, 2018. And we have finally acquired the latest news, on Frontier Season 4. If you want to know all about the 17th century period drama, then read below:

Frontier Season 4

About: Frontier

Frontier is a historical television drama, set against the raw and incredible backdrops of 1700s Canada. The show was created by Rob Blackie and Peter Blackie and produced by John Vatcher.

Frontier series is primarily depicted from the chronicles and scenarios in The North America Fur Trade where the natives of Canada rioted against the monopoly demand which was established by Lord Benton.

The action-adventure drama aired its first season on 6th November 2016 on both Discovery Canada as well as the most international streamed online network, Netflix.

The season was highly appreciated and praised by all the period drama watchers from around the world. The show went as far as receiving an award in the Canadian Screen Awards for the Best Achievement in Make-up, as the artists performed a marvelous job in exhibiting and transforming the looks of the cast.

Netflix even renewed the series for a second season a month before the premiere of the first season in October 2016. The second season hit the screens a year later on October 18, 2017. While the third season also followed it a year later and was screened on November 23, 2018.

All three prior seasons of Frontier consisted of six episodes and the upcoming season will also be coming up with six episodes.

Frontier received mixed reviews and appraisals from the critics however gained nothing but positive reception from the viewers and fans. And despite facing many criticisms from well-known critics and magazines, the creators are on board to give fans the fourth season of Frontier.


Frontier Season 4: Release Date

After delivering three successful seasons consecutively, Frontier Season 4 has been anticipated by the viewers and fans for quite a while. The stunning depiction of the fur trade scenario had managed to capture the attention along with the hearts of the watchers which is among the reasons why fans are holding their breath for Frontier Season 4.

Netflix had already announced to renew the period drama for a fourth season, almost three years back in 2019. However, for some unknown reason, the creators were unable to premiere the show at that time.

Nonetheless, the production house finally decided to launch Frontier Season 4 on 14th July 2020. But due to the global outbreak of coronavirus, the production of the show was again indefinitely halted.

The fans couldn’t hold back their sigh after not getting a new season of Frontier for almost three years. But it seems like their wishes might come true this year as the Frontier Season 4 is being speculated to return on the screens later this year on 19th November.

And as predicted, the viewers are going ballistic after receiving the news and couldn’t hold their excitement for Frontier Season 4. But we can verify one thing for sure, that like all its predecessor seasons, Frontier Season 4 will be coming back with tons of adventures along with lots of unexpected twists and turns which we will soon get to witness.

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Frontier Season 4: Cast and Characters

Several movies and show makers use the strategy of showcasing the original cast and characters until the very last part to gain the same amount of response and affection from the viewers and audience. Frontier had used this tactic for the prior three seasons of the show, so it is predicted for the key cast and crew members to return for Frontier Season 4 as well.

Apart from that, talks are going around that in Frontier Season 4 we might also get to see some fresh faces as well as new characters. The makers will ensure to use every trick up their sleeve to lure the viewers for Frontier Season 4, so perhaps they might add a new cast with deep storylines to them.

Moreover, we can expect the Hawaiian hunk and legendary heartthrob Jason Mamoa, who has some big movies name under his name like Aquaman, to return as Declan Harp in Frontier Season 4. Along with Mamoa, Alun Armstrong is likely to reprise his role as Lord Benton.

Other supporting cast and characters that will possibly feature in Frontier Season 4 will include:

  • Landon Liboiron acting as Michael Smyth
  • Jessica Matten reprising her role of Shokanon
  • Zoe Boyle coming back as Grace Emberly
  • Shawn Doyle playing as Samuel Grant
  • Greg Bryk as in the role of Cobbs Pondstory

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Frontier Season 4: Plot and Storyline

Frontier Season 4 is expected to pick up from where it left us in the finale of the third season with Declan Harp successfully intruding on the estate of Lord Benton.

So we will likely see plenty of twists and turns which will be unveiled and unfolded in Frontier Season 4.

The plot and storyline of Frontier Season 4 will also include rising conflicts and disputes between Harp and Hudson Bay Company. We are also intrigued about how Harp will endure all the growing tensions.

Fans are also hoping to watch the inevitable battle between Grace and Declan which is rumored to be intense. Regardless, fans are rooting for Declan to conquer the fight and come out victorious since he had an easy advantage of ruling and being the king of the Frontier.

Frequently asked questions:

A. Where can we watch all the seasons of Frontier?

Frontier has released three seasons comprising of six episodes each which are available on the international streaming network, Netflix.

B. Is there a trailer for Frontier Season 4?

At the moment, there are no teasers and trailers for Frontier Season 4. Netflix is to share the official trailer of Frontier Season 4, perhaps a month before its release date.

C. Where was Frontier filmed?

Frontier was filmed in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Cornwall, England.

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