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TRAVELERS Season 4 Will Be Released On Netflix Or It Had Canceled: and when its released date will be announced?

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Travelers is a Canadian show which was broadcasted worldwide on Netflix on December 23, 2016. It is an interesting amazing science fiction show. its includes three-season and thirty-four episodes. The show was loved by everyone and after its three-season fans are eagerly waiting for travelers season 4, however, there was the news that travelers season 4  had been canceled by Netflix, but still, we don’t know how much truth is there in this news.

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Travelers is a Canadian-American  TV series which is in the English language and it has 3 seasons and 34 episodes. The series comes under science fiction(SCI-FI), drama, mystery categories. It is created by Bard Wright and composed by Adam Lastiwka. The series was premiered in Canada in October 2016 and worldwide in December 2016. The series was an international co-production between  Netflix and the Canadian Showcase channel. Netflix has broadcasted all 3 seasons, but the Canadian Showcase channel broadcasted only 2 seasons because for some reason it had canceled to broadcast 3 seasons. The series cast Eric McCormack as Grant MacLaren, Mackenzie Porter as Marcy Warton, Jared Abrahamson as Trevor Holden, Nesta Cooper as Carly Shannon, Reilly Dolman as Philip Person, and Patrick Gilmore as David Mailer.


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In its first season it shows that some strange people suddenly undergo personality changed at the moment of their death, like a young intellectually disable woman, Marcy is a strike but somehow she managed to fight off her attackers and she totally cured, after that a high school student Trevor fight after being overmatched, then a drug-addicted college student Philip took overdoses of the heroine, then a young mother Carly fall when her husband slapped her, then an FBI agent MacLaren found himself in a deadly condition, after that they travel to past and revel that they are among thousands of time travelers who had come from future to avert a global crisis. On the other hand, MacLaren becomes the leader of the group.



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In their first mission, they had to steal antimatter from the military convoy, which will be the cause of death of 11000 people in the future. Then now all the five travelers very easily steal the antimatter from the truck in which it was kept by the military man and after that, they create a small blast in that place by which all that 11000 people were going to die in the future due to the blast of antimatter were saved but the truck driver died in that small blast. Then after that they had to handover the antimatter to some other traveler but then we come to know that the traveler whom they had to handover the antimatter that new traveler died due to poison, now a problem arrived for the team they were not knowing to whom give that antimatter, and besides that, the team had one more problem that, that antimatter was too risky that can explore can time, hence they don’t have much time and the leader had no idea so he went to another traveler to ask for help, but as protocol 6 says that no traveler will talk to another traveler so the other travelers refuse to help him. Then they make a plan that they will put that antimatter back in its original place in Dr. Delaney’s lab. Then secretly they enter the lab but Dr. Delaney catches them however MacLaren is from the FBI so he told to doctor that they all are from the FBI and it’s their secrete mission and doctor trusted him, meanwhile, military men arrive there, however somehow Dr. Delaney saves everyone from the military and the travelers manage to put that antimatter in its machine at a given time and they prevent the explosion and after MacLaren says to the doctor they will come back till then please keep that antimatter safe. At this time their mission get over and they all five waits for their another mission. after this they all five return to their normal life Philips retains his host drugs addiction, MacLaren went to his wife kat with whom he had to pretend that he knows her and he loves her, but still he thinks about his preexisting wife Carly and Marcy somehow build felling about her caretaker David.


Now in the show, we see that Philips whose host was a drug addict, due to his addiction his health was degrading especially his mental health. He was the only o historian on the team who knows that when and where a person will die, so he gives an idea to the group that until we get a new mission lets saves the people, but everyone refuses his idea, then he lied to his team and said that he got a new mission from director where they had to save abducted child Aleksander Andrieko before his murder. When they went to save that child and when they were fighting with the murder then suddenly that child comes in control of the director and says them to about the mission as this was not their mission, but wanted to save that child but according to the director travelers not allowed interfere in the normal life of anybody, and Maclaren was ready to about the mission, but still situation deteriorate and travelers kill that murder and saves that innocent child Aleksander, in this way they changed the future, but Philips get injured, and after that everyone shout on Philips and warned him to not to do it again.


Now after some time when MacLaren was in his FBI mission then he got new about his new mission from a  dying Russian man, in which he had to help the other travelers team and he with his team went to help them, they found that they all were too injured as they fought with Russian but the leader of the other team ” Hall” was very arrogant. The Hall’s team was very old then MacLaren teams its mean they had done more mission than MacLaren teams and had a more experience then MacLaren teams, Hall was pound and pride on this only. After that Hall says to MacLaren that to make him the new leader of the team and also to work under him, and he tries to kill MacLaren but fails. Meanwhile, MacLaren comes to know that his  FBI partner Fobs, who wants to arrest Hall, that’s why Hall forces MacLaren to kill his partner Fobs, but MacLaren very cleverly made the situation Hall and his partner get arrested by Fob.

Travelers Season 1 Episode 9: Bishop Recap – Metawitches

Then a twist comes in the series in which MacLaren’s teams get a new mission in which a family transforms into a new traveler, however, in a car there was four-member among them, three-members were transformed into the traveler’s bur there was a girl who was somehow unablunablysformed into a traveler and she was called as miss fire.

After that all four members of the MacLaren team except MacLaren were going from a car and suddenly they all meant by an accident and after that, they found them in a hidden place where there was no one except a bodyguard, and that bodyguard one by one brings all the team member in front of the TV and on TV there some question arrives, but the travelers act like they don’t know anything and don’t understand that. After that somehow after three days later MacLaren able to found his team.

Travelers Season 1 Episode 3: Aleksander Recap – Metawitches

After that, they come to know that in 18 months an asteroid will strike earth the whole world will get destroyed and they had to save the earth and this was his new mission so now let’s wait and watch will these travelers were able to save the earth or not. After this fans are much curious to know when travelers season 4 is going to release. As Netflix canceled to broadcast travelers season 4.


So this was a summary of season one of the travelers, season two and season thee is also very interesting, but we don’t know about the fourth season as till no news had come about the travelers season 4. according to the sources is was that after Canadian Showcase channel Netflix has also canceled to broadcast Travelers season 4. The cancellation news was announced by Eric McCormack and later was confirmed by Brad Wright. So, it is still a question is travelers season 4 is going to release or not?  https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/travelers/s03


Did David die in travelers?

Gunfire begins to go off outside and soon shot in the head, fatally killedDavid is then gunned down and suffers many wounds to his chest and abdomen. In a stroke of luck, the number of nanites in the blood bags he was carrying at the time was enough that his bullet wounds were instantly healed.https://travelers.fandom.com/wiki/David_Mailer

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