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Will Highschool Of The Dead Season 2 release?: When it will release? CONFIRMED! LEAKS

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Highschool Of The Dead season 2

“Highschool Of The Dead” is a Japanese anime TV show which was broadcasted in 2013. It was made by studio Madhouse, which had also released shows such as helling ultimate, nova, monster, death note, etc. Highschool Of The Dead season one was released in 2013 it had 12 episodes. It was an amazing, action, horror, romantic, and interesting anime show. Its season one was very amazing and it’s loved by many people. After season one fans of Highschool Of The Dead were eagerly waiting for the Highschool Of The Dead Season 2, but it is a great mystery that when Highschool Of The Dead season 2 will release. So let watch and see what will happen will it be released this year or not.

But before that let’s see what had happened in season 1 of “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD”.

Highschool Of The Dead season one was loved by everyone. If anybody has not watched or read about it but by seeing its poster by can assume that it is about a school where zombies attack and how students manage to protect themselves and survive there. It is written by Yousk Kuroda and directed by Tetsuro Araki.

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This is a show in which suddenly a mysterious illness spread in a school hall and at an instant, it spread all over the school campus and maximum students including teachers and another member of school get affected by it and get transformed into immortal flesh-eating zombies. Only a few students can escape from this epidemic- among them, there was a seventeen years old second-year boy Takashi Komuro who had been forced to kill his best friend who had got affected by this disease smashing in his head after that he recognized that these zombies can be killed by smashing on their head, however, somehow he managed to save his best friend’s girlfriend Rei Miyamoto from the epidemic. After this, only two of them survive and after that Saya Takagi and Kohta Hirano also survived.

highschool of dead season 2

After that Takashi and Rei along with all survived students ran towards the town in search of any family member who is free from the disease and able to survive in this epidemic. The handful of students who manage to survive this epidemic were Saeko Busujima the president of the Kendo Club, Kota Takagi the daughter of a politician, and Shizuka Marikawa the school nurse.

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Somehow these students managed to escape from the epidemic and went inside the local mall where they barricaded themselves. they found that the shopping mall is the best palace to hide from the zombies. After that Takashi, Rei, and other students made plans to leave the mall before it gets affected by the zombies.

highschool of dead season 2

After that Takashi, Rei, and others students ran in search of a safe place, and then they went to a police station where they found that all the police inspectors had transformed into zombies, somehow they managed to escape that palace also. After that Takashi with Rei and others, students ran again in the search of shelter.

Rei now informed all things about the epidemic to her father, they had a hope that there must be any chance to escape from that town. After spending one day in this epidemic Saya’s mention that if they stick with their family members and be treated as a kid and they can retain their independence. Saya was too mad at her father as he had assumed that she is dead in the epidemic.

After that somehow they managed to survive. After that Soichiro Takagi, a Japanese right-wing nationalist politician came there and killed his zombie in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Saya tries to calm down everyone present there who refuses to accept their situation and at the same time Takashi is appointed as leader, he was totally surprised by this.

After that one of the survival, Soichiro gives Saeko a gift to thank him for protecting his daughter. After the lots struggle, they managed to hide somewhere and then after that to help them US submarine gives orders to do a nuclear strike at China, North Korea, and Russia, the view of this strike was too deadly. After this somehow they managed to survive the epidemic, but they all will be able to survive this epidemic, will all be alive at end of this epidemic?

Now the Highschool Of The Dead season 2 will release or not, and if yes then when it will release?

After the first season of  Highschool Of The Dead people is eagerly waiting for the second season. The first season had got lots of love from people. now everyone is searching for the second season. News had come that the second season will be released in 2021, but still, no news had come about its second season nor the Highschool Of The Dead season 2 had released.

According to the sources it had found that the Highschool Of The Dead season 2 probably will be released from 2021 to 2022, but sadly till now no news had come nor the second season had been released. Even the director and producer ad did not say anything about the release date of Highschool Of The Dead season 2.

It was been said by the director and the producer of   Highschool Of The Dead that the second season of the Japanese anime series Highschool Of The Dead will release in July 2021, and till now no other news had come about the Highschool Of The Dead Season 2. It is assuming that due to the Covid the released date had been postponed, but let’s hope for the best and see at the end of 2021 it may be getting released.


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