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Shooting at Roseville restaurant leaves one dead, Suspect Arrested, Revealed the reason

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A Roseville Police Department spokesperson confirmed to CBS13 that a shooting occurred at the House of Oliver restaurant in Roseville, where one person was injured and another arrested. One witness told reporters they heard yelling before gunshots were fired as patrons fled from the scene.

A suspected gunman opened fire in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania restaurant on Monday night. The incident has left at least one person injured and the shooter is still active according to police sources.
The victim was not identified by authorities but they said that life-threatening injuries were sustained with no updates as of yet regarding their condition or identity. Police also reported that there are other victims who have non-life-threatening wounds from gunfire though any details about them remain unknown for now.”

The alleged gunman was arrested after the incident.

Police have not said whether he surrendered or if the police actually caught him, but they did say that this wasn’t a mass shooting and only one person was injured in all of it. The restaurant also posted on Facebook that it would be closed for business at least until Tuesday, so we’ll see then when they plan to reopen again!

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