June 27, 2021

Former Skid Row singer Johnny Solinger Dead at 55, The Secret Reason of Death was something Else? Hidden from us?

In a Facebook post, the bandmates of Johnny Solinger addressed their thoughts and condolences to his family. They also shared that they would say hello to him for us when he arrives in Heaven.

The musician had previously informed fans that he was suffering from liver failure and his former bandmates confirmed on Sunday.

In a Facebook post, they said: ‘We are saddened to hear the news of our brother Johnny Solinger. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and fans. Godspeed Singo Say hello to Scrappy for us’ Signed off by Rachel Bolan (ZP Theart), Snake Sabo (Rob Hammersmith), Scotti Hill.

Solinger updated fans with his health battle and explained in a social media post: "It is with a heavy heart I must let everyone know what's going on with me and my health.Former Skid Row singer Johnny Solinger Dead at 55, The Secret Reason of Death was something Else? Hidden from us?
I have been hospitalized for over the last month, diagnosed with liver failure, prognosis not so good. As musicians we do not have healthcare insurance most of the time hence it becomes difficult to get proper care without."

The vocalist added that he was on at least seven different medications and had to get fluid drained from his stomach each couple of days.

Solinger rose to fame as Skid Row’s lead singer when the band reformed in 1999 following their 1996 split and Sebastian Bach's departure. The musician featured on two of the band’s albums, 2003’s Thick skin, and 2006's Revolutions Per Minute.

Michael Solinger, the lead singer of Skid Row from 1999-2006 is finally recovering well after a tragic car accident two years ago.

Before joining the band, he had formed his own rock group and released four albums. In 2008, Solinger also launched a country music career during this time with Skid Row.

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