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Kyle Massey Accused and Charged for Allegedly Sending Bad Pics and Videos to 13-year-old girl

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Former Disney star Kyle Massey has been charged with a felony for allegedly sending sexually explicit photos to a 13-year old girl.

The “That’s So Raven” actor was reportedly caught in December 2018 and January 2019 by the LAPD being accused of electronic transmissions made between himself and an underage victim who he set up on social media, according to TMZ reports indicated that these actions were taken during his time as Cory Baxter on the hit Disney show when he had sent her images depicting him nude while masturbating.

The case is tied to a civil lawsuit filed against the accused in 2019, where he was sued for $1.5 million by an anonymous girl who claims she received “numerous sexually explicit text messages, images, and videos” from him on Snapchat.

The girl, who was not named because of her age, issuing Massey $1.5 million in a civil lawsuit filed against him last year for allegedly sending sexually explicit text messages and pictures via Snapchat.Kyle Massey Accused and Charged for Allegedly Sending Bad Pics and Videos to 13-year-old girl

The family, after their civil suit stalled due to a lack of funding from the lawsuit’s lawyers, decided they had no other choice but to go straight into law enforcement. It was then in 2020 that authorities began investigating Massey and her alleged crimes.

The family’s civil suit stalled and authorities began their investigation in 2020. This was apparently because lawyers didn’t think that Massey had enough money to make the case worth it, according to TMZ.

For the first time in his career, rapper Tyler Massey has failed to show up for arraignment. The 29-year-old was scheduled on Monday at King County Criminal Court in Washington but he didn’t appear during a hearing and nobody knows if it’s because of drugs or something worse. A rep from the Recording Industry Association Of America got back to us with this statement: “Tyler is one artist that we can help receive funding towards music education.”

The lawsuit filed in 2019 claimed the girl met Massey when she was just 4 years old. The pair kept in touch and as they got to know each other, Massey became close with her family, becoming friends with them on social media sites like Instagram while pursuing a career in entertainment.

Massey allegedly even indicated the girl should come out from Seattle, Washington, and live with him and his girlfriend in Los Angeles.
Mesle has been accused of establishing himself as a father figure to her while their contact ramped up over November 2018 when she reportedly expressed interest in a role he said was part of an existing reboot “Raven” spinoff “Cory in the House.” (It is unknown if this production ever actually existed.)

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