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Tidelands Season 2 To Release In 2021: Confirmed? Cast, Storyline, Update and Much more.

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Fantasy drama Tidelands was instantly considered to be among the fan favorites due to its original musical and magical theme.

However, with the unsatisfactory conclusion of the first installment, fans are left wondering about the possibilities of Tidelands Season 2.

Tidelands Season 2

About: Tidelands

Tidelands is a Netflix original Australian television series. Hoodlum Entertainment produced the series with the show’s creators being Stephen Irwin alongside Leigh Mcgrath. The series was in the directional of not one but four filmmakers who are Toa Fraser and Emma Freema along with Catriona Mckenzie, as well as Daniel Nettheim. Each director created two episodes of the first season.

The first season hit the small screens nearly two years back on 14th December 2018. The series instantly gained the attention of the audience and viewers as the show provided a breath of fresh air in the industry of web series with their magical musical theme.

On IMDb, the first season Tidelands gained four stars out of five as well as has an approval rate of 86 percent on the review website, Rotten Tomatoes.

Tidelands follow a former convict, Cal McTeer who returns to her hometown named Orphelin Bay after serving roughly ten years in prison. However, the plot of the series picks up from there when mystical creatures, sirens start making their appearance in the small fishing village. Following the return of the magical hybrids who are half-human and half-siren aptly called ‘Tidelanders’, many conspiracies and secrets which are related to murder, drugs as well as the Sirens start unfolding.

The dark and twisted fantasy series was further liked by the audience as it portrayed strong female leads with their riveting storyline as they tackle and investigate the secrets that generations-long secrets that are buried on the island along with the village’s mystical inhabitants.

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Tidelands Season 2

Tidelands Season 2: Release Date

To be honest, the return of Tidelands Season 2 is somewhat dicey as of now. Netflix has made no official statement or announcement regarding the Tidelands to be renewed for a second season. However, the fact that it’s about to be nearly three years since the fantasy series aired their first season, certainly decreases the odds of Tidelands Season 2.

Generally, Netflix mostly announces if a show is to be renewed for more seasons within two or three months after the screening of the show as they monitor several aspects such as popularity and figures in that period.

Besides that, though the first installment of Tidelands managed to receive positive feedback from the watchers, the mixed ratings from the critics however didn’t go unnoticed which makes the chances of Tidelands Season 2 a little uncertain.

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Tidelands Season 2

Tidelands Season 2: Cast and Characters

Since the first of Tidelands Season 2 is still petty much unknown we can’t guarantee which cast member will return for Tidelands Season 2. On the other hand, we also have for certain that many key characters were killed in the first installment, the chances of them reappearing in Tidelands Season 2 are very much unpredictable.

Nevertheless, we can certainly take a look back at the ensemble and characters that  featured in the first season of Tidelands, which included:

  • Charlotte Best played Cal McTeer who is currently the new Queen of the Tidelanders.
  • Elsa Pataky appeared as Adrielle Cuthbert
  • Aaron Jakubenko acted as Augie McTeer
  • Marco Pigossi played Dylan Seager
  • Richard Davies portrayed Colton Raxter
  • Dalip Sondhi playing the character of Lamar Cloutier
  • Mattias Inwood featuring as Corey Welch
  • Jacek Koman depicted Gregori Stolin
  • Fin Little featuring Gilles

 Tidelands Season 2

Tidelands Season 2: Plot and Storyline

The first season of Tidelands revolves around the mystical and supernatural creatures and occupants of a fishing island named Orphelin Bay. The creatures called sirens are primarily based on Greek mythology. And according to those myths, sirens though are known to be phenomenally beautiful creatures they also have a menacing trait as they are believed to lure sailors to the shore and cause a shipwreck by singing melodious hum and mystic voices.

The sirens that were occupying the lands at Orphelin Bay are half human and half sirens who are led by their matriarch, Adrielle Cuthbert. They have been residing on the islands for generations and the other townfolks who are aware of their existence are either brought off or decide to keep it to themselves.

But the situation starts getting a hell of a lot more interesting when ex-con Calliope “Cal” McTeer arrives on the island. With the return of Cal on the island many strange instances start taking place with a disruption in the power dynamics of the island as Cal proves to be a strong challenger and a contender to Adrielle.

The finale episode of the first season of Tidelands was concluded with the deaths of several major characters. So if Tidelands Season 2 makes an appearance on the small screens then we can guarantee that the plotline of the Tidelands Season 2 will be connected to the first installment. Also, we can certainly expect Cal to become more strong in Tidelands Season 2 as she once again sets out to discover the secrets that are covering the strange island of Orphelin Bay.

Frequently asked questions:

A. Where can we watch all the seasons of Tidelands?

Presently, Tidelands has released only one season which can be easily streamed on the international streaming network, Netflix.

B. How many episodes are there in the first season of Tidelands?

The first installment of Tidelands is comprised of eight episodes with two episodes created by four directors each.

C. When will Tidelands Season 2 return? Is there a trailer yet?

The odds of Tidelands Season 2 returning are still very less since no announcement has been made by the makers of Netflix as of now. So we have no trailer of Tidelands Season 2 as of now.

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