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Hum Drummer Bryan St. Pere Dead At 52, Real Reason Revealed

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Bryan St. Pere, the drummer for the massively influential space-rock band Hum, has died. The band confirmed the news in a message posted to their social media channels today: “It is with very heavy hearts and tear-filled eyes that we share the news that our beloved friend and bandmate, Bryan St. Pere, has passed away.”

“We are devastated and deeply saddened by his sudden,” they wrote on Facebook last night when they announced he had been found dead at age 46 of an apparent suicide before adding “he was a dear friend”.

St. Pere was attracted to drums at an early age; he told The Trap Set podcast that he loved Rush’s Neil Peart so much that he used Pert Plus shampoo growing up. As the legend goes, members of the newly formed Hum invited him to join the band after hearing him playing along with a Rush album out his window when he was finishing up his biology degree at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1990Hum Drummer Bryan St. Pere Dead At 52, Real Reason Revealed

St. Pere was 52 when he died, and yet still in his prime as an artist with a promising future ahead of him. His death comes at the end of what we may not know to be only a 10-year stint on drums for Rush’s Neil Peart, but it came too soon nonetheless.
Hum invited St. Pere into the band after hearing him play along to their music from outside – all while he had been finishing up his biology degree! It would seem that this legend has substance behind it.

Hum is an American rock band that formed in Champaign, Illinois in 1994. After releasing their first two albums through the independent label 12 Inch Records- Fillet Show and Electra 2000 -Hum signed to RCA for 1995’s You’d Prefer An Astronaut which spun off the alt-rock radio hit “Stars.

Hum’s signature sound is one of the most iconic in punk music. The band merged heavy chugging rhythms with shoegaze, and psychedelia to create a unique sound that has been copied by countless bands since. Stereophonics founder Stuart David had this to say about Hum: “I don’t think anyone else can do what they did then or now.”

A band that has influenced many underground bands, including the Deftones and Alcest. With an informative tone of voice, this passage discusses how St Pere’s drum work was essential to the development of a specific style in music- thunderously powerful with sly finesse reminiscent from Neil Peart’s disciple. Reassuring listeners about their musical talent by revisiting some gems in their catalog below is another way they have left behind such an impactful legacy for others who want to explore more into what it means when you are listening so closely only hearing one thing at a time.



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