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Drifters Season 2 COMING SOON? Confirmed? – Find out about the Plot, Manga, Updates and much more!

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What is ‘Drifters’ about?

Drifters season 2


After winning the hearts of many people, the Japanese manga ‘Drifters’ also known as ‘Dorifutāzu’, an anime adaption was created based on this. This series telecasted on television from 7th October 2016 to 23rd December 2016 and has 12 episodes.

The manga is originally written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano and started publishing in the Young King Ours magazine on April 30, 2009. Currently, it has 6 volumes but the creators are working on introducing more volumes and the fans cannot be happier!

The plot of this series revolves around Shimazu Toyohisa who is a samurai and belongs to the Shimazu clan. During a war, he gets severely injured and was suddenly transported to a corridor full of doors.

After entering one of the doors, he wakes up in an entirely different world where he meets great warriors like him and they became the ‘Drifters’.

This series truly captures the essence of Japanese culture as its main characters are not purely fictional or just ordinary human beings but real-life warriors of Japan from ancient times as they continue to fight for the good even after they died in this world that seems to denote the afterlife.

You must be wondering “what is new in this story of the war between people?” – The creatures other than people. Yes, this series is not just about historical figures fighting with each other in over-the-top fashion but they face various kinds of creatures like dwarfs, monsters, goblins, and many more.

It is an action-packed anime with a mixture of fiction in it. You will get to see hand combat, sword fighting, and even magic spells! So what are you waiting for? Add this underrated gem to your “Animes that I can’t miss” list!

Is the release date for Drifters season 2 confirmed?

Drifters season 2

There are in total 6 volumes of the manga from which the anime covered only the first 4, to cover the rest 2 there would definitely be another season which was also teased in the last episode of the first season stating “See you again 20XX, Sayonara”.

The production team assured the audience about releasing the next season as it had already been renewed in 2016 but any specific date for Drifters season 2 is not confirmed yet.

One of the reasons for the delay of the next season can be the lack of content. The next volume of the manga is still in the works and there is not enough content in the rest two mangas to produce Drifters season 2.

So you have to wait a little more for Drifters season 2 and we will keep you updated on that but in the meantime, you can watch God Eater, Berserk, Vinland Saga, Goblin Slayer, Terror in Resonance, or Ao no Exorcist if you like this anime or interested are in the dark fantasy genre.

Currently, you can watch Drifters or various other series on Tubi TV, the Roku Channel, Pluto TV for free or you can buy it from Amazon Video.

Main Characters and Cast

Toyohisa Shimazu (the main character) was voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura in Japanese and by Josh Grelle in English.

Nasu, Yoichi Suketaka (he was a samurai who fought alongside the Minamoto clan in the Genpei War) was voiced by Saiga Mitsuki in Japanese and Justin Briner in English.

Oda Nobunaga (he was a Japanese daimyo and one of the leading figures of the Sengoku period) was voiced by Uchida Naoya in Japanese and Robert McCollum in English.


What can the fans expect from Drifters season 2?

Drifters season 2

Apart from the official 12 episodes in the series, it was decided to include 2 exclusive episodes for the limited edition and episode no. 15 only in the DVD which covered some extra plot. So if you haven’t watched it yet, make sure you are caught up on those before the release of Drifters season 2.

As the anime is totally based on the manga so Drifters season 2 will mostly cover the story from the upcoming volumes of the same. But as the release date keeps delaying, the fandom has started to make their own theories out of curiousness.

Some of them are expecting Toyohisa will continue to be transported into different parallel realities, maybe in the future? Or they will explore more about the backstory of the characters and their death? These are a few questions we all need the answers to as soon as possible!

Drifters season 2 might start with Tamon explaining his backstory to Scipio because he asked him to, even after knowing he won’t be able to get the exact information he needed. But he believed in Tamon as he was the only sailor and was familiar with the ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Drifters Season 2?

Drifters Season 2: Release Date
But after the completion of the season first, it was announced that the upcoming season second would be released, as the final episode stated: ‘to be continued in the second season.


Is the black king in drifters Jesus?

It has been theorized and suggested by numerous fans that the Black King may be the biblical savior of Jesus Christ. The reasons behind this idea are based on the scars on his arms and this particular one is curiously at the center of his right palm (chapter 3 of the anime) and left palm (chapter 4 of the anime). was voiced by


Why can’t I watch Drifters anime?

Funimation Removes Drifters Anime from Streaming Service (Updated) Funimation has removed both the English-dubbed and English-subtitled versions of the Drifters anime from its streaming service. The listing for the anime is still available, but the anime is not available to stream.


Who was the most feared, Samurai?

Born in 1490, Tsukahara Bokuden is one of the most prominent figures in samurai history. Over the course of 19 duels and 37 battles, Bokuden went completely undefeated, garnering a reputation as the deadliest samurai during the Warring States Period.

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While waiting for Drifters season 2, watch the season 1 trailer.

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