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Minecraft Enchanting Table Guide: How to build one and use it

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Minecraft Enchanting Table Guide-

Enchantments are used to make magic armour, weapons, and equipment in Minecraft. They are made using a Minecraft enchanting table. Enchantments in Minecraft come with a huge risk, as there’s no way of knowing what the enchanting table will spew forth when you’re through. You may wind up squandering a perfectly nice diamond sword, or you could imbue it with the Fire Aspect enchantment, which makes each stroke cause burn damage.

As you might expect, Minecraft enchantments are quite strong, and you’ll want to collect as many as possible to have the best chance of surviving in this cruel, blocky world. To balance their incredible power, reaching the point where you can create and utilise a Minecraft enchanting is no easy task, and there are a lot of processes required in making a great enchantment weapon.

Join us as we go over the fundamentals of making a Minecraft enchanting table, how to use a Minecraft enchanting table how to use enchantments, and other helpful hints for this complex crafting mechanic.

Minecraft Enchanting Table


If you’ve gotten to the stage where you have everything you need to survive in Minecraft but still feel like you might be more strong, you might want to invest in a Minecraft enchanting table. These unusual blocks can endow your weapons and armour with tremendous (and strange) magical abilities, but you never know what impact you’ll get.


Enchantments can be applied to a wide variety of objects in Minecraft, however, the following are the main kinds of items that you can enchant: armour, tools, weapons, and books.

Minecraft Enchanting Table

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In Minecraft, there are three main ways to enchant things.

  1. To enchant an item, go to a Minecraft enchanting table and exchange XP and lapis lazuli.
  2. Combine an enchanted book and an unenchanted object on a Minecraft anvil to gain XP.
  3. Combine two enchanted things on an anvil to make one item with two enchantments.

Alternatively, you can occasionally obtain enchanted things by bartering emeralds with villagers. While fishing, or as a drop after killing a zombie, drowned, zombie pigman, husk, stray, wither skeleton, o skeleton, there’s a chance you’ll uncover an enchanted item. In the end city, enchanted artefacts can also be looted.

Slaying pillagers and vindicator foes during a raid can grant you charmed items if you’re playing on the Bedrock Edition.

If you don’t want to deal with any hassle or use Minecraft Enchanting Table, you can utilise Minecraft console commands and cheats to complete the task.


To make an anecraft Enchanting Table you’ll need four obsidian, two diamonds, and a book. Open your crafting menu and place three obsidian on the bottom row and a fourth in the grid’s centre.

Finish by placing the book in the middle of the top row, with the Minecraft diamonds on either side of the jutting obsidian. On the right, an enchanting table should appear; simply drag and drop it into your inventory, and you’re done.


Once Minecraft Enchanting Table is in place, walk over to the Minecraft enchanting table and interact with it. This will bring up a new window. On the left, you can place a nseveralpis lazuli and the object you want to enchant, and on the right, you’ll find some scripture that indicates your choice of randomly rolled enchantments – click over one of the glyphs for a hint as to which enchantment is available.

Minecraft Enchanting Table


The better your experience level, the better your enchantments will be, so don’t expect the best enchantments if you manage to build one of these tables early on.

Place a bookshelf next to the Minecraft enchanting table with a one-block buffer zone between them to improve your Minecraft enchantment level. You’ll need to make a full bookshelf border — 15 in total – to get the best enchantments. If you run out of space, the best method to position these is are make the second row of bookshelf blocks.

If you don’t have a specific item in mind to enchant, you can construct an enchanted book to save the enchantment for later use. When it comes to modifying enchantments in Minecraft, there isn’t much you can do because they are determined by your experience level, enchantment seed, and the item type you’re attempting to enchant. Reduce the ammo number bookshelves connected to the table to fudge the options, but this has does not effective alternatives.

Keeping enchanting books is the greatest approach to store Minecraft enchantments for crafting a maximum enchanted weapon. When you have the highest level enchantments, keep enchanting books until you have a selection of max level enchantments, then take your selected item and the books to an anvil and combine them. Jace has a fantastic guide on how to get maximum enchantments on various goods, which you can see below.


The Minecraft enchanted table language in Minecraft is actually called standard galactic language, and it was created by Commander Keen. There are a plethora of tools for converting the letters, but the words don’t correspond to the enchantment you receive: it’s just a nice easter egg. So, while it is possible to translate the enchantment language in Minecraft, it is not very useful.

And there you have it: all the fundamentals of Minecraft enchantments, as well as descriptions of each vanilla enchantment. Some of these are quite potent — we love Punch for knocking mobs over ledges – so use them judiciously. To strengthen your fight defence, you can enchant your Minecraft shield with three distinct Minecraft enchantments.


What are the most effective enchantments in Minecraft? While personal choice is important, there are a few enchantments that every player should have.

Mending is the most helpful enchantment, especially for often used equipment and weapons. The longer you play Minecraft, the more resources you’ll spend on wear and tear, with subsequent repairs becoming more expensive. Picking up XP bubbles while mending repairs your equipped weapon. As a result, whenever you slay one of the numerous Minecraft enemies, the XP bubbles that appear will repair the weapon you just used. You can keep your diamond pickaxe in good shape by switching to your pickaxe before hoovering up the XP.

Unbreaking works in similarlyncreasing the durability of your item so you can use it for longer before having to mend it.

When it comes to weapons, it’s usually easier to utilise a general enchantment like maximum Sharpness or Power rather than a specialised enchantment like Smite or Impaling because these increase your overall power and you won’t have to carry around many swords. You’ll need Mending and Unbreaking as tools, as well as Efficiency and Fortune.

Finally, the greatest Minecraft armour enchantments include Feather Falling on your boots to lessen fall damage and maxed out Protection on all of your armour parts.

Did you get enough information about Minecraft Enchanting Table? Would you like to read more about Minecraft Enchanting Table? Did I miss out on anything about Minecraft Enchanting Table? Comment below and let us know.


Q- How much does Minecraft cost?

Ans- It costs around 27$.

Q- How many players can play in Minecraft?

Ans- You can play Minecraft online with others or by yourself.

Q- On what devices can Minecraft be played?

Ans- There are versions for PCs, Macs, and Xbox 360. There’s also a version for iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android smartphones.

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