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Shocking News for Quicksand Season 2 Audience, Release date Confirmed? All the Details

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Quicksand Season 2 Description:

The quicksand season 2 is approaching, with fans striving to determine Hanna Ardéhn’s Maja back in action. We’re expecting it to land on April 1, 2022, near a similar time as previously.

All information about the subsequent part was created by Pontus Edgren during this article.

Crime dramas are rare, and Quicksand is one of them dropped by Netflix. It’s a Swedish show, and Netflix has added it to the much-watch list of many people.Shocking News for Quicksand Season 2 Audience, Release date Confirmed? All the Details

It was launched on 5 April 2019. It has earned its fame as a fast-paced series.

The show has gripped its audiences from the beginning till the tip. It’s adapted from a 2016 novel by an identical name.

Quicksand broadcast may be a thriller created by Pontus Edgren. The TV series is going to be released on the Netflix network on 2019-04-05. it’s 6 episodes within the first season. Maja starring Hanna Ardéhn within the series.


The official synopsis of season 1 reads, ”When a tragedy takes place at a lyceum in Stockholm’s wealthiest suburb, a standard high school student, Maja Norberg (Ardéhn), finds herself unproven for murder. When the events of that day are revealed, so too are the private details about her relationship with Sebastian Fagerman (Sandman) and his dysfunctional family. Störst Av Allt (Quicksand) relies on the best-selling novel by Malin Persson Giolito, which has been published in 26 countries and was voted Nordic Crime Novel of the year in 2016.”

Season 1 of the show revolved around a well-adjusted teenager who ended up becoming a murderer after a high school shooting together with her finger on the trigger.

Season one also showed the romance of teens Maja (played by Hanna Ardéhn) and her boyfriend from the incorrect side of the tracks, Sebastian (Felix Sandman), before things got off the hook. The show showed the action with the trial and flashbacks to the events resulting in the large tragedy. One can expect the season to begin from the events of the primary run and may also add some new characters.

The fact that season 1 occurred within the posh area of the Stockholm suburb, it’s possible that the second season may also be within the same setting. For people who do not know, the show ‘Quicksand’ is predicated on the 2016 book of the identical name, and since there hasn’t been any sequel to the novel, getting a second installment program would be an entertaining and innovative story

In 2017, writer Camilla Ahlgren said, “It is both an excellent honor and challenge to figure with FLX and Netflix on Quicksand,” she told THR in a press release.

“I want to inform this story from the most character Maja’s perspective; her story raises questions on guilt, responsibility, punishment, and redemption. It holds a mirror up to our time whilst also serving as both a suspenseful thriller and a moving romance.


Quicksand season 2 cast and character

The cast of quicksand season 2 includes some talented individuals with some prominent reputations. The most protagonist is played by Hannah Arden, who has appeared in shows like Nio med Jo and Dubbelliv.

Other casts of quicksand season 2 include Felix Sandman playing Sebastian, William Spetz, David Dencik, Christopher Wolter, and so on
The key actors of quicksand season 2
must return, furthermore as some new actors. Hanna Ardéhnise going to be back as Maja and Felix Sandman (Sebastian).

Quicksand Season 2 trailer

Watch a live video about the following season of a TV series created by Netflix. Official video trailers are going to be uploaded some weeks before the beginning date.

About the series

Quicksand centers around a mass shooting that takes place at a Gymnasium in Stockholm’s wealthiest suburb, and a traditional high school student, Maja Norberg, who finds herself unproven for murder.

Quicksand Season 2nd premiere date and schedule

The continuation of the television program will another time be made of 6 episodes. They’re going to be accessible on Netflix on-demand immediately after release. The pilot episode of quicksand season 2 will start on April 1, 2022.

Netflix launched its Swedish teen drama series Quicksand on April 5 consisting of six episodes dropped onto the platform in one go. Quicksand – or Störst av all in Swedish – follows a youngster unproved for murder after a number of her fellow students land up dead.

The teenager drama falls into an analogous vein to 13 Reasons Why and Élite, which proved to be hitting on Netflix and received recommissions.


Will there be another series of Quicksand named quicksand season 2?Shocking News for Quicksand Season 2 Audience, Release date Confirmed? All the Details

The short answer is that we just don’t know – at this stage, it’s too early to mention anything about quicksand season 2.

Quicksand only dropped on Netflix recently, that the streaming platform is going to be observing audience figures before making a invoke a renewal.

Netflix revealed to The Verge that it considers a show or film watched if 70 percent of the overall period including the credits are viewed, so if enough people watch a minimum of this much it could lead on to a different series.

Quicksand comes after a variety of massive high school-set dramas have performed well on Netflix – fellow teen drama Sex Education got the green light for season two earlier this year, therefore the series is in good stead.

The release of Quicksand itself proves there’s an appetite for this kind of series and could be a growing genre on television, again suggesting we could see more.

When will Quicksand season 2 be released on Netflix?

Quicksand dropped in April this year, so reckoning on when the show gets recommissioned we could expect a possible season two return at the same time in 2020.

Netflix is probably going to order another six episodes just like the first run which can be available dead one go.


What is going to happen in Quicksand season 2?Shocking News for Quicksand Season 2 Audience, Release date Confirmed? All the Details

Season one among Quicksand focused on a seemingly well-adjusted teenager who ended up within the dock for murder after a high school shooting together with her finger on the trigger.

The drama followed the romance of teens Maja (played by Hanna Ardéhn) and her boyfriend from the incorrect side of the tracks, Sebastian (Felix Sandman) before things got out of hand and led to death.

Quicksand saw the action going down with the trial and flashbacks to the events leading up to the tragedy.

The Quicksand season 2 could acquire from the events of the primary run, perhaps following other characters within the show.

The show is ready in an exceedingly wealthy Stockholm suburb and again the action could occur during this setting.

Quicksand is predicated on the 2016 book of the identical name by Swedish author Malin Persson Giolito but there’s no sequel, so a follow-up series may be a current story.

If this can be the case, the format would be almost like 13 Reasons season two which branched off during a new direction after the primary run served as an entire adaptation of Jay Asher’s YA novel.

Who are within the cast of Quicksand season 2?

The cast of quicksand season 2 is obsessed with the direction of the story, therefore the main stars might be back

Among the cast who could return can be Hanna Ardéhn as Maja and Felix Sandman as Sebastian – but it’s too early to mention at this stage.

Then, we could see different cast members if the show shifts its focus.

However, Camilla Ahlgren – who also worked on Scandi Noir The Bridge – may be back on writing duties for quicksand season 2.

The storyline of Quicksand

The show is about Scandinavia, and it’s a wide-ranging landscape. The show starts with a mass shooting at a lycee. A young 18-year-old girl is brought into the middle of the chaos and is accused of involvement in the massacre. Now the question comes up, is she really responsible?

The show builds up plenty of suspense as Maja is revealed to own dated a man from a dysfunctional family. These sorts of facts brought her into the incident because of the guilty. Viewers have also compared the plot with The Sinner, within which a mother who seems sweet apparently murders a person.

When is that the update of Quicksand Season 2?

The first season had its episodes out on 5th April 2019, and also the reviews are yet to come back.
The second season would have a unique story completely, and no announcements are made regarding the discharge.


Q.1 Is Netflix quicksand a true story?

Quicksand is not based on a real-life event but the story was written to reflect real-life class inequalities that its creators saw in Sweden.

Q.2 Has anyone actually died in quicksand?

Nope. Quicksand—that is, sand that behaves as a liquid because it is saturated with water—can be a mucky nuisance, but it’s basically impossible to die in the way that is depicted in movies. That’s because quicksand is denser than the human body.

Q. 3 Can quicksand really kill you?

Quicksand can kill! Indeed, you don’t sink in quicksand until you’re submerged. Humans and animals typically float in water, so if you are standing upright, the furthest you’ll sink in the quicksand is waist-deep. … Hypothermia occurs rapidly in wet quicksand, or you can die in the desert when the sun goes down.

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