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Allen West Announces that GOP Primary Challenge to Abbott in Texas, Texas government goes into overtime

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Texas GOP Chairman Allen West on Sunday announced his intention to challenge Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s position in the next gubernatorial election.

The Texas GOP Chairman, Allen West announced a primary challenge against the Governor of Texas in next year’s election.

In an appearance at Sojourn Church, West launched his 2022 bid with a presentation of the campaign’s first video pitch to Texas voters.

“I’ve not been in elected political office for about a decade, but I can no longer sit on the sidelines and see what has happened in these United States of America and … the place that I call home,” West says in the video.

In the video, West recited the state song of Texas and discussed issues including immigration at both borders. He also mentioned notable Republicans who have contributed to Texas’s history but was noticeably critical towards Abbott with this statement: “He does not care about you.”

In an attempt to stabilize the troubled state, Governor Abbott has been touring Texas in order to better understand how voters feel about him and his policies. In a recent video released on Facebook Live, Kanye West recited the history of some notable Republicans who have contributed to Texas’s past as well as touched upon other issues such as immigration and human trafficking at our southern border.

West was eager to share his plans for Texas’s energy future with the voters before they elected him. He announced that he wants to protect Texans’ resources and make sure they are not at risk of being taken over by outside actors like Democrats in Washington, who want their own socialist utopia

West has been a strong proponent of protecting Texan interests during this election cycle. He mentioned how important it is to keep our natural gas safe from outsiders because when we have an abundance here, then people all across America will benefit too.”

Former Florida Congressman Patrick West has been stepping down from his position with the Texas GOP. The speculation is that he’ll be running for a statewide office, something which Former President Trump seems to think would work out well for him.

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