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Katie Holmes is Pregnant! But Who is the Father? Tom Cruise or Jamie Foxx? Know the Real Truth

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The gorgeous Katie Holmes, a popular fashion diva and an amazing Hollywood actress is expecting a baby soon. This pregnancy has come as no surprise to some while others are left wondering who the father could be!

Katie Holmes’s past with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes is a Hollywood icon and it only makes sense that Suri, their daughter, has been in the spotlight. But what if she wasn’t his biological child?

Katie Holmes had one daughter with Tom Cruise, but he left her for his religious beliefs in Scientology. That’s why people are wondering if the baby is really him because of a divorce that was initiated by Katie and not Tom himself. Her ex-husband has no qualms about continuing to be close friends with their daughter Suri who now lives only with Mrs. Holmes while Mr./Ms., or better said “Mr.”/Mrs.?Cruise spends time on film sets around the world; maybe they both want some space?

The truth about her Pregnancy RumorKatie Holmes is Pregnant! But Who is the Father? Tom Cruise or Jamie Foxx? Know the Real Truth

Recently, speculation has been made about her pregnancy and who the father of the baby is. This has created quite a stir among fans as they are dying to know what’s going on with this gorgeous model. Recently she posted pictures from when she was pregnant but didn’t say anything in them which left everyone guessing- especially how far along into her pregnancy it seems like she might be which leads some people to speculate that maybe we don’t even need an answer because there could always be more babies coming down the line!

Katie Holmes is a brave woman who was one of the first celebrities to come out as being proud to be herself. After her break up with Tom Cruise, she began dressing in clothes that were true to her personality and realized how freeing it felt. She has inspired so many people by showing them what self-love looks like while still looking amazing.

Pregnancy rumors been confirmed? Truth

It seems that Katie Holmes does not plan on going back to her single life anytime soon. After the pregnancy has been confirmed, it was revealed that she wanted a sibling for Suri and also another baby with Jamie Foxx who had an extremely private relationship with the actress which led fans to believe he may be the father of their unborn child.

But it’s been a year since the couple broke up so this news cannot be confirmed. Following their breakup, Jamie Foxx even declared Sela Valve as his new girlfriend, which invalidated these rumors even more since they’re no longer together now.
In light of what we know about Katie Holmes’ pregnancy announcement and her history with ex-husband number one Tom Cruise (we’ll leave that to your imagination), can you blame us for being skeptical?

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