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Proof? Images: Emma Watson DATING Tom Felton Secretly Confirmed? Revealed the truth

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The relationship between Emma Watson and Tom Felton has always been a mystery. Now, the two are rumored to be dating each other after an interview with GMA that revealed they were seeing someone offset too!

The famous Hollywood star is thought of as private about her relationships but now it turns out she might have found love on Harry Potter’s Co-star -Tom Felton-. Is this just a rumor or could their friends in real life?

Emma Watson has always been a humble star, but recently she’s become more than just an actress. She is known for her work with the United Nations as well as advocating women’s empowerment while also keeping her personal life private. Recently, when Emma posted pictures of herself and Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton on social media fans have taken this opportunity to speculate about their relationship status–but both actors have remained silent regardless of what they think the public believes or wants them to do next in regards to their romantic lives.

She says she’s not shy but has never posted anything about her love interest. What is their status?Proof? Images: Emma Watson DATING Tom Felton Secretly Confirmed? Revealed the truth

The rumor mill is always going about the woman’s personal life, but there are few details to go on. It was not until 2006 that she showed herself in public with rugby player Tom Ducker and they dated for a year before he broke up with her because of her focus on work and studies.

The sleuth of the rumors about who Jennifer Lopez is dating has been difficult to pin down, but since she doesn’t share anything on social media and rarely talks openly in interviews.
A man that keeps popping up as her supposed current beau? Rugby player Tom Ducker! The two dated for a year before splitting due to J-Lo wanting more time focused on her career and studies back then.

Emma Watson began to date British Financier, Jay Barrymore in 2008. They were long-distance and many people say that this is why their relationship was trouble for months so they both quit the relationship. In 2011 she started to date Will Adamowicz whom Emma met while studying at Oxford University. Their 3-year dating ended as well when it became clear they had different plans going forward with jobs and careers which made them incompatible romantically just like her previous relationships before him!

Fans are always eager to know about Emma Watson’s dating life. After she was reported to be in a relationship with Matthew Janney, who also studied at Oxford University; the two decided they were not right for each other after a year and broke up! She took some time off from my relationships following this breakup – but is it true that now she has found love again?

Fans of Harry Potter star Emma Watson have been wondering if there is any truth behind reports claiming her new boyfriend may be none other than Draco Malfoy actor Tom Felton.


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