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Lori Harvey ARRESTED & Facing PRISON time for Hit & Run and Steve Harvey is PISSED this Time!

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Steve Harvey’s daughter, Lori, was involved in a hit-and-run accident this past year. After the incident, she fled but witnesses were able to apprehend her and call the police who then arrested her for Hit & Run charges.

Steve Harvey, one of the most famous comedians in Beverly Hills has just been notified that his stepdaughter Lori was involved in a Hit and Run case. The incident took place on October 2nd Sunday at around 3:00 p.m., so it’s best to avoid areas where this time falls during if you’re nearby as there may be accidents happening with vehicles going through red lights or slamming into other cars which is what happened according to Steve himself who also shares how he felt about hearing the news from police officers when they visited him after locating her car near their home address up North by LAX airport due to its location being tracked down via GPS while she had left for an unknown destination using another vehicle borrowed from someone else without telling them beforehand.Lori Harvey ARRESTED & Facing PRISON time for Hit & Run and Steve Harvey is PISSED this Time!

The woman who was caught by police tried to escape when she saw a chance. She had already gotten into trouble for yelling out and breaking the windows in the courtroom, but her most recent move proved just how much of an outlaw this lady really is.

The case got heated up because she tried to escape. She was caught by Elisabeth Albanese and identified as Lori Harvey, but Steve Harvey couldn’t believe her behavior with the way he reacted in shock when it happened!

The woman tried texting and driving, which caused her to not notice where she was going. She collided with a parked car on the side of the road. Luckily no one got hurt during this intense accident because there were only minor property damages that can be fixed pretty easily by insurance money!

The girl had been acting out and so her dad got angry. It would have been better if she cooperated but instead, she tried to escape! But we hope that this was a valuable lesson for the little one who will hopefully not repeat such behavior in the future.

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