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Trailer Revealed many things, Joey King now have to Chooses Whose Heart to break in ‘The Kissing Booth 3’ Trailer, So Unexpected

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The latest installment of the popular romantic film series, just before Elle heads to college. The couple spends their last summer together and one decision can change everything for them forever!

As seen in the new clip, part three of the popular romantic film series takes place just before Elle heads to college. She is confronted with a hard decision that will affect her future forever and may or not be able to see her childhood sweetheart again ever

While they were having a blast during their last summer vacation together, Elle was faced with an important choice: stay home for college or travel across the country?

She has to choose between fulfilling her lifelong promise of going to college with Lee or moving across the country and leaving friends behind for Noah.Trailer Revealed many things, Joey King now have to Chooses Whose Heart to break in 'The Kissing Booth 3' Trailer, So Unexpected

Lee and Ava are best friends since they were kids. They spent their childhood making plans to go off to college together, but now Lee is being faced with a big decision- should he stay in his hometown or move across the country?

“I have to pick a school and make one of my two favorite people very unhappy,” she said in the clip.

The Kissing Booth 3 is set to drop on Netflix this August and it stars Joey King, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi, Taylor Zakhar Perez. It’s directed by Vince Marcello who co-wrote the script with Jay Arnold.

When Elle’s summer plans take her away from the people she loves, it becomes clear that relationships can’t be replaced.

A trailer for one of this year’s most anticipated movies is out and shows just how much heartache awaits in a story about friendship vs love.

Elle and Lee are in for a dangerous, but unforgettable summer at the beach house.

Elle and Lee have always been scared of sharks, but after seeing the movie Shark Tale they thought it might be a good idea to swim with them. They found one that was safe enough so they could get close without being eaten.

It’s not every day you see people jumping off cliffs or skydiving at the beach house because most everyone is content laying on their towels in peace while soaking up some sun rays; however, Elle and Lee are different from your average couple – if anything goes wrong then no problem!

Elle tries to balance her summer fun with the stress of choosing a school but admits she feels overwhelmed and puts others before herself. “Between spending time with Noah, picking a school, and doing the bucket list with Lee,” Elle says in voiceover. Originally set to premiere on TikTok, this promo was released on Instagram after TikTok’s former social media site experienced glitches for most of Tuesday.




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