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Paulina Porizkova at the age of 56, stripped-down mirror selfie, Posted N*de Images

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Paulina Porizkova is sharing a stripped-down mirror selfie on Instagram.

The 56-year-old model and actress have been exploring Rome, but on Tuesday she took a rare break from her explorations to share what’s keeping her relaxed in the hotel.

The pleasantly surprising video of Stella Artois’ life at work was shared by Naomi Campbell on Instagram this week. The clip shows how well our favorite British beer goes with pizza as it follows Ms.Campbell around Italy living vicariously through your lens while you’re working hard for that crust!

“After work and a leisurely bath, I was bored, which led to this celebration of narcissism, the naked selfie,” she captioned the risqué photo. “But it made me wonder what would happen if you gave a man a mirror and a camera and lots of spare time, versus a woman.”

Porizkova went on to celebrate ageless beauty with a few hashtags reading “betweenjloandbettywhite” and “#sexyhasnoexpiration date.” She continued, “And for all of you who have a rough time with nudity: this thread will not be a safe place for you. Godspeed.”

Fashion icon and body-positive crusader, Anna Porizkova shared her thoughts on beauty in a new post. “Don’t let anyone tell you that sexiness has an expiration date,” she says.

Porizkovva urges readers to be unafraid of their bodies with this candid thread about celebrating ageless sexuality–“sexy never expires.”

“Maybe this is the PERFECT thread for people who have a rough time with nudity because you look absolutely stunning and there is nothing to be ashamed of,” one wrote. Another commented, “I love seeing [a] self-confident woman who enjoys her body. Nudity is [something] completely normal, [something] we shouldn’t be ashamed of,” to which Porizkova responded, “You know I agree.”

And to those who praised the model’s figure and called her “blessed,” she replied, “It’s actually also a lot of work.”

Porizkova first spoke candidly about the self-acceptance of aging in her Yahoo Life series, Unapologetically Paulina. She took to it again with she opened up on how striving for attractiveness at any age is a major factor in staying healthy and happy.

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