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If you like to watch any kind of mysterious, mythological show or a series full of suspense then you can go for Block Spot.

The series is created by Mathieu Missoffe. It is a French-Belgian crime, thriller, horror, procedural drama series which was released on Netflix in 2017. It has two seasons. Season 1 16 episodes and season 2 of 8 episodes

The story centers on a police officer who tries to solve some kind of mysterious murders and crimes in the town named Villefranche.

After the successful completion of the second season of the show, fans were excited for the Black Spot season 3.

So, keep reading the article to know about the latest updates of the Black Spot season 3.


black spot season 3

The story revolves around Major Laurence Weiss who is the head of the police department of the town Villefranche.

When he learns that the murder rate has increased six times the national murder rate in town, then he investigates death and crimes.


black spot season 3

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In season 1 it shows that the death rate increases six times than the national average death rate in the town of Villefranche which is situated at the edge of the forest.

So, Laurence Weiss and an eccentric new prosecutor investigate a string of grisly crimes and murder.


black spot season 3

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In season 2 we come to know that Laurene continues her investigation, meanwhile, she acknowledges the fact that an ancient holiday is coming, so there will be another kill.

Then Laurene continues her investigation and finds that there is a creature who is killing the people.

And here the story ends.

The second season ends with a suspense that will Laurene be able to kill that creature or the story will take another turn.

So the suspense will be revealed only if Black Spot season 3 will come.


black spot season 3

black spot season 3

In season 1 and season the show reveals revels about the investigation done by Laurene Weiss.

So, the assumption can be made that in season 3 there would more about the murder and also some details about the past characters.

In season 3 we can get to know about the creature who was behind all the murders and also the reason behind the murder and all crimes.

Moreover, again the show will full of mysteries and suspense.


If the show releases with a new season then we will get to see all the old cast members. Like:

  • Suiliane Brahim : Laurene Weiss.
  • Hubert Delattre : Martial Ferrandis.
  • Laurent Capelluto : Franck Siriani.
  • Samuel Jouy : Bertrand Steiner.
  • Renaud Rutten : Louis Hermann.
  • Tiphaine Daviot : Camile Laugier.
  • Anne Suarez : Lea Steiner.
  • Naidra Ayadi : Leila Barami.
  • Camile Aguilar : Cora Weiss.
  • Brigitte Sy : Sabine Hennequin.
  • Dan Herzberg : Gaspard Bellan.
  • Cyrielle Debreuil : Anna Delambre.
  • Thomas Doret : Rudy Guerin.
  • Olivier Bonjour : Gerald Steiner ( season 1-2).
  • Theo Costa-Marini : Roman Barthelemy.
  • Samir Boitard : Paul Meric.
  • Jean-Michel Balthazar : Maitre Caubere.
  • Pascal Elso : Pierre Winkler ( season 1).
  • Serge Riaboukine ( season 2).
  • Marina Hands : Delphine Garnier (season 2).
  • Guinea pig : Peanut.

If any new cast is added in season 3 then there will lot of twists in the show.


black spot season 3

Season 1 of the show was aired in November 2017 and the show gave us a second season in February 2019.

And after the successful completion of season 2 of the show Black Spot, fans of the show were eagerly waiting for the show to return with its season 3.

Usually, for any show, Netflix announced the renewal or the canceling of the show, but in the case of the Black Spot, neither of them is said to be happening.

The ending of season 2 left some unanswered questions and also the show ends leaving behind lots of suspense and mysteries.

So, to reveal those suspense and mysteries creator should make season 3 of the Black Spot.

But till yet there no official news regarding the renewal of the show and also about its release date. But if Netflix brings the Black Spot season 3, then it is likely to be aired in 2022.


As I mentioned earlier the show was very popular and also hold a huge viewership. It has also got a huge rating on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

And the plot was also very amazing. Both the seasons of the Black Spot were amazing and it is worth watching.

If you are a fan of any kind of series full of suspense and mysteries or you like to watch horror and crime series then you should watch it, I assure you will love it a lot.


So, now we come to the end of the article, so I must say that the show Black Spot is very amazing and interesting.

The plot of the show will scare you, and its cast will take you into the world of Black Spot. The also gained lots of popularity and also hold a huge viewership so you can imagine how interesting the series would be.

If you are searching for any horror crime series then I will recommend you to watch Black Spot and I assure you that you will like it very much.

Till yet there are only two seasons of the show, but as the end of the second season has left lots of questions and suspense so it can be that the show Black Spot will return with its season 3.

But till then enjoy the two seasons of the Blackspot on Netflix and stay at home and be safe.

And if you liked the article then comment on the article.


Is Netflix canceled Black Spot season 3?

Till yet there is no official announcement on the renewal or the cancelation of the show. So, it is likely that the show may be released in 2020.

How many seasons of Black Spot are there?

There are a total of 2 seasons of Black Spot yet.

Is Black Spot on Netflix is good?

Yes, Black Spot is a good series on Netflix. As it has gained lots of popularity and also holds a huge viewership.

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