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Infinite Stratos Season 3: CONFIRMED? Release Date, Plot, Update and Much More.

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Infinite Stratos is a Japanese anime series that is an adaptation of author Izuru Yumizuru’s popular light novel series with the same name. The anime television series has been illustrated by CHOCO and Okiura.

The anime television series has released two seasons with currently no news on Infinite Stratos Season 3 whatsoever and the fans are starting to lose all their hope.

Infinite Stratos Season 3

Back in 2005, the light novel series was first published on 25th March and the series instantly created a major uproar among the readers. Furthermore, due to a strong fanbase backing up the Infinite Stratos, the light novel series was then adapted into a manga novel.

After giving the fans, the light novel series as well as the manga version of Infinite Stratos, the maker decided to take one more step ahead nearly two years after the original publication. The result came in the form of an anime television series titled the same name.

With huge support and a major fanbase, the first season of Infinite Stratos hit the screens of the audience on 7th January 2011. Following the release of the first season of Infinite Stratos, an original video animation (OVA) episode titled ‘IS: Infinite Stratos Encore – Koi ni Kogareru Rokujuusou’ was also screened the same year on 7th December.

Almost two years later, Infinite Stratos came back with their second season which was made available to the audience and viewers on 4th October 2013. Similar to the first installment, the second season was also followed by an OVA episode. The episode was premiered on 26th November 2014 under the title ‘IS: Infinite Stratos 2 – World Purge-hen’.

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Infinite Stratos Season 3

Infinite Stratos Season 3: Release Date

The finale episode of the second season of Infinite Stratos was aired nearly eight years back on 20th December 2013. Although it was succeeded by an OVA episode the following year, no news or announcements on the future has been known since then.

Additionally, there has been no confirmation given by the creators regarding Infinite Stratos Season 3, the possibility of that happening is slowly decreasing as the day passes by. Also since generally, an anime television series is renewed within a maximum of five years of its premiere date. And it’s been so long since Infinite Stratos debuted with their first episode so any chances of Infinite Stratos Season 3 feels like a distant dream.

We must also include the fact that there are currently no talks going around on the possible happening of Infinite Stratos Season 3. So we can assume that the anime television series has more chances of being canceled for good than the odds of Infinite Stratos Season 3 getting renewed.

But the fans shouldn’t leave hope yet as there have been no official statements given either by the creators or producers regarding the chances of Infinite Stratos Season 3. So who knows, maybe we’ll get a chance to witness Infinite Stratos Season 3 in the future.

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Infinite Stratos Season 3

Infinite Stratos Season 3: Plot, Storyline, and Spoilers

Currently, we have no clue about the plot or storyline of Infinite Stratos Season 3.

The storyline of Infinite Stratos takes place in a distant future when a Japanese scientist develops an exoskeleton called Infinite Stratos (IS). IS is skilled profoundly in high-tech and possesses mysterious combat capabilities. However before IS can be used in military service, it gets banned by the world’s nation as it had been detected that IS might possess some other skills that will endanger the lives on earth.

Almost a decade later following the development of IS, the world has significantly changed as now only women are allowed to pilot IS suits. Due to their ability to pilot the most tech advanced military technology that has ever been created, women now dominate almost every other field such as in the political, social, cultural, and economic domains.

The anime television series then follows the adventures and an interesting journey of a 15-year-old kid named Ichika Orimura. His normal life suddenly takes a turn due to an accidental run-in with an IS suit.

At the same time, Ichika finds out that he is the only lone able male in the world that is capable of piloting an IS suit. Soon, the news spreads around which thrust Ichika reluctantly into a world full of fame and recognition. The men in the world start hoping that Ichika might be the key to restore the power structure in the world.

In the wake of the newly discovered capability of Ichika, the Japanese government almost forcefully enlist Ichika into an IS Academy, where IS pilots from all around the world are enrolled and trained.

Ichika then finds himself in a school where everyone except him is female and thus has to give his best in keeping his hormones in check. Ichika soon allows himself to get used to this new reality and starts enjoying it, however threats and dangers soon find their way to him.

Frequently asked questions:

A. Who is the most powerful character in Infinite Stratos?

According to several polls, fans assume Akatsubaki to be the strongest character in Infinite Stratos. The assumption is wholly based on Akatsubaki’s capability.

B. Where can we watch all the seasons of Infinite Stratos?

Presently Infinite Stratos has released only two of its seasons. Both the seasons have twelve-episode and one OVA episode each. The seasons can be easily streamed on international streaming networks such as on AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, HiDrive as well as Hulu. The episodes are available with their original Japanese audio as well as with English subtitles.

C. How many episodes are there in Infinite Stratos?

Infinite Stratos has premiered two seasons with the first season comprising of twelve-episode and one OVA episode. Likewise, the second season of Infinite Stratos also had a twelve-episode and was succeeded by an OVA episode. Each episode has a run time of around 27 minutes.

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