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Is The Following season 4 coming after years? Or Is it CANCELLED? Release date Confirmed? Let’s FIND OUT!

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Is The Following season 4 finally coming?

The Following Season 4

Are you also one of those people who go home after work and watch thriller crime series to relax? Well… The Following might be the next one you should add to your watchlist. This series currently has 3 seasons but is The Following season 4 coming out soon? Keep reading to find out!

Created by Kevin Williamson, THE FOLLOWING is an American crime thriller TV series. This series tells a story about an FBI Agent Ryan Hardy played by Kevin Bacon who’s trying to recapture a serial killer named Joe Carroll.

In the first season, we get to see Carroll’s cult kidnapping his son from his former wife and how his master plan to escape custody turns out.

In the next season, a new cult is introduced and Carroll suddenly dies but is he really dead? And finally in the last season follows the life of Ryan Hardy who happens to be in a much better place.

The first season was released on 23rd January 2013 and its 15 episodes on 29th April in the same year. The second and third seasons of the series were released consecutively in the next years but there was no news of The Following season 4?

Fans were not satisfied with the finale episode released on 18th May 2015 as it ended on a cliff-hanger! They wished they could see Hardy again in action and solving more cases but sorry to tell you, The Fox has decided to cancel the show.

Why is The Following season 4 canceled?

The Following Season 4

The Following started great. Fans were so happy to receive a new crime thriller that is well executed and has an amazing cast like Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy, James Purefoy as Joe Carroll, Natalie Zea as Claire Matthews, Annie Parisse as Debra Parker, and many more.

Everyone was sure that they would be able to see their favorite characters on screen one more time but The Following season 4 didn’t cut. The channel decided to cancel the show, but WHY??

Looks like, the third season was not up to par for the board members. They thought that the series has lost its essence of creative writing. In the first two seasons, the two main lead characters would try to overpower each other with their cleverness and make the show more interesting but the third season lacked that.

If The Following season 4 was released, then it would have been nothing better than any average crime series and we already have loads of that.

If The Following season 4 does revive, what would be your expectations from it? do let us know in the comment section below!

More about The Following season 4!

The Following Season 4

Unfortunately, The Following Season 4 is not happening anytime soon but you can still enjoy the last 3 seasons. The series is currently available on Hulu or Hulu Live, also on FandangoNOW, iTunes, Prime Video, Microsoft Store, or Google Play. It is also available in form of DVDs (if you are still into that) which can be bought from Amazon.

If you are still hoping for any updates about The Following Season 4, maybe you can check out their Instagram or Twitter account @thefollowingfox and follow them for some throw-backs or be updated about the cast and their new upcoming projects.

If you liked this show then here a few we would like to suggest to compensate for this bad news: FBI, Dexter, Hannibal, and currently everyone’s favorite The Blacklist. You can add this to your watchlist while you’re still waiting for any news about The Following Season 4 (not to break your heart but that is very unlikely).

However, if the fans continued to show their love and support to the show there might be a chance for a revival of The Following Season 4? Who knows!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was there no The Following Season 4?

The writers became lazy as they decided to use the same tropes for the new plot developments they had been using in earlier seasons. Soon after this change of track happened with the story, Fox announced the cancellation of the series.


Is The Following on Netflix UK?

Sorry, The Following: Season 3 is not available on British Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the United Kingdom and start watching! With a few simple steps, you can change your Netflix region to a country like Argentina and start watching Argentine Netflix, which includes The Following: Season 3.


Who is the bad guy in the following?

Joe Carroll

The series protagonist, Ryan Hardy, is portrayed by Kevin Bacon. Hardy initially works alongside Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore), Debra Parker (Annie Parisse), and eventually, his niece Max Hardy (Jessica Stroup) to put an end to antagonist Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) and his cult of killers.



Who is Joe Carroll’s inspiration?

EDGAR ALLAN POE: Joe Carroll uses themes, symbolism, and imagery from the works of Edgar Allan Poe to inspire his murders and his vision. “The Lighthouse”, “The Raven”, “The Telltale Heart”, and “The Black Cat” are all frequently visited, explored, and perverted in season one.



What happens to Mandy on the following?

This, however, coupled with Lily’s contempt for her and Joe, resulted in Mandy’s death as she believed Lily would forgive her but resulted in her being tortured by her sons and later killed after discovering that Joe would not go to save her.


Do the twins die in the following?

After finding Joe’s location, Lily has her mercenaries corner Joe’s Korban followers by killing all of them except a small handful that escaped with Joe. When Luke goes to get a better look, Mark follows after him, unaware that their mother was moments later killed by Mike Weston.


For more info:

If this article convinced you to watch The Following, you can start with the trailer.

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