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Junjou Romantica Season 4: Release Date, Plot , Characters 2021 Updates

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‘Junjou Romantica’ has garnered the distinction of being one of the best romantic anime out there over the years because of its colorful characters and stories. The anime is animated by Studio Deen, who is also known for their work on ‘Fate/Stay Night‘ and ‘Vampire Knight.’ It features a very classic style of art that blends in nicely with the rom-com themes. Its most appealing feature is the wide range of characters and their interrelationships.

While most anime shows focus on traditional heterosexual high school relationships, ‘Junjou Romantica’ transcends the standard and shines a positive light on its characters’ homosexual partnerships. Overall, it’s the type of program that gives you the wrong impression of what it’s attempting to represent at first, but once you stick with it for a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how addictive it can be. A must-see for any romantic anime fans who don’t mind yaoi’s involvement.

Junjou Romantica season 4

When will Junjou Romantica season 4 release? Is there ever going to be a Junjou Romantica season 4? Is there a trailer for Junjou Romantica season 4? Is Junjou Romantica season 4 canceled? Find out all your answers related to Junjou Romantica season 4 here.

Junjou Romantica Season 4 Release Date: When will it release?

Season 1 of ‘Junjou Romantica’ premiered on April 11, 2008, and finished on June 27, 2008, with a total of 12 episodes. The show was then followed by a second season, which ran from October 12 to December 28, 2008. The anime’s third season began on July 9, 2015, and lasted until September 24, 2015. Now, nothing official has been stated about the anime’s fourth installment but based on the anime’s previous release schedule, Junjou Romantica season 4 will most likely premiere in 2021 if it is renewed.

Junjou Romantica season 4

Studio Deen had a seven-year vacation between seasons 2 and 3, which gives us optimism that the anime will return even if it has been five years since its last season. Even the original manga is still going strong, with a total of 21 volumes to date. As a result, the creators should not face any difficulties due to a lack of source material. According to current indications, the fourth season of Junjou Romantica is still feasible shortly. However, without formal confirmation, we cannot be certain.

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Junjou Romantica Plot

Misaki Takahashi, a high school student, is motivated to get into the greatest institution possible in ‘Junjou Romantica.’ He accepts every aid he can get to go ahead of his peers and increase his chances of getting into the university of his choice, and that’s when his brother’s buddy, a well-known author named Akihiko Usami, begins tutoring him. However, Misaki quickly realizes that Akihiko writes about some very strange topics, and to his amazement, the author’s works elicit strange emotions in him.

Junjou Romantica season 4

Aside from the main characters’ romance narrative, ‘Junjou Romantica’ also includes two other parallel storylines about the relationships of two other couples. One of these stories is about Hiroki Kamijou, a university professor, and pediatrician Nowaki Kusama, a pediatrician that Hiroki admires from afar after falling completely in love with him and is willing to do anything to be with him. The final plot revolves around the obsession of Shinobu Takatsuki, a spoiled affluent 18-year-old who falls for his literary teacher, but he is the single thing he can’t have easily.

Junjou Romantica Season 4 might return.

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Junjou Romantica Characters:

Misaki Takahashi

At the start of the anime, Misaki Takahashi is a depressed high school student who blames himself for his parent’s deaths. He works really hard to get into the greatest college possible to repay his brother for all of his sacrifices. To people who are unfamiliar with him, he is a typical tsundere who can appear boisterous. But his obnoxious conduct stems solely from his worry, and he genuinely cares about the people around him. Despite his efforts, he fails all of his practice exams, prompting his brother to urge him to seek tutoring from one of his friends.

Misaki and Usami begin their relationship as a professional one, but it quickly develops into a romantic one, complete with its own set of obstacles. While Usami is upfront about his feelings, Misaki appears to be the polar opposite, with unrealistic expectations from his relationship. Misaki struggles to believe that he is in a relationship with Usami even after the two of them move in together.

Akihiko Usami

Akihiko, better known by his pen name “Usagi,” is a bestselling author who is well-known for his literary achievements. Misaki’s older brother invites Akihiko to tutor him after he fails his exams. Usagi and Misaki begin living together after Misaki’s brother moves away, and the two soon become lovers rather than roommates. Akihiko grew raised in a wealthy family, yet he was always ignored as a child since his parents were too preoccupied with their profession.

When his mother later cheats on him, he begins to loathe the concept of having a love relationship with a woman. He often writes down his ideas in the form of stories in one of his notebooks as a result of his difficult background and current loneliness. On the outside, he appears to be mature and smart, and he always attempts to bottle up his emotions. However, there are moments when he reaches a breaking point and releases everything at once. He stands about six feet tall and has grey hair. He usually dresses up in formals, even at home, for some inexplicable reason.

Junjou Romantica English Dub

Although there is no English dub for ‘Junjou Romantica,’ you can still watch it on Crunchyroll with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Did you get enough information about Junjou season 4? Would you like to read more about Junjou Romantica season 4? Did I miss out on anything about  Junjou Romantica season 4? Comment below and let us know.


Q- How many episodes are there of Junjou Romantica?

Ans-There are a total of 24 episodes.

Q- Is Junjou Romantica a bl?

Ans- Shungiku Nakamura’s yaoi series “Pure-Hearted Romantica”) is a yaoi series. It centers on four storylines: the primary pair, who is the subject of most of the books, and three other male couples who give recurring side stories (“Junjo Egoist”, “Junjo Terrorist”, and “Junjo Mistake”).

Q- What is the age difference between Usagi and Misaki?

Ans- Usagi and Misaki have a ten year age gap between them

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