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Will Hinterland Season 4 Release in Netflix? Is Hinterland Season 4 Cancelled?: Plot of Hinterland: Cast: Trailer

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As you all know that Netflix always amazes us with its amazing movies and web series all around the world.

In this article, we are going to know about “Hinterland” one of the popular series on Netflix.

Hinterland is a story of a police procedural who is an intelligent but troubled man, who finds himself in a place with secrets as dark as his own.

Here we will get to know whether the show Hinterland is finished after Hinterland season 3 or it will return with another season ( Hinterland Season 4)?

So, let’s find out the answers…


hinterland season 4


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Hinterland is a British series and TV show. It is also known as Y Gwyll. The was created by Ed Talfan and produced by Fiction Factory, BBC Wales, Netflix, and AII3Media International.

The series is made in the Welsh language but on Netflix and Amazon, it is available in English subtitles.

The series genre is a police procedural, and until now it has three seasons. According to user voters, Hinterland gets a 7.6 rating out of 10 on IMDb


hinterland season 4

The story centers on Tom Mathias an enigmatic DCI, who is a brilliant but disturbed man. He isolates himself on the outskirts of town a town of his complex and intelligent fellow DI Mared Rhys, who deals with the mysterious case of murder.

During the investigation, they divert the mind of viewers as they solve cases that involve the ultimate anti-social crime murder.

hinterland season 4

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Until now there is no official news regarding the release date of Hinterland season 4. The first series of Hinterland was aired on 29 October 2013.

The second series was on air on 27 November 2013 and the third series is on air on 18 December 2016.

Now it has passed four years, so it would be safe to imagine that the Hinterland has finished.

According to the sources season, 3 of Hinterland has got huge success with its audience, and except this also there is plenty of reason why the series has ended up.

There is also news that the show has ended because Hinterland had received money from Europe for series 1 and 3 of the show, which airs in almost 150 countries.

Before the release of season 3 of Hinterland, one of the casts of the show, Mali Harries, said:

I know a large part of the funding for this program comes from the European Union so it is scary, but hopefully, we can forge a way forward that is positive and people and can accept us and continue to fund us and continue to be a part of this ongoing journey.

By this statement, it seems likely that there must be some agreement between the Hinterland producer and the European Union.

So, by this, we can assume that until and unless they will clear out all their agreement, season 4 of Hinterland will not release.

Also, there was news that the main character of the show Tom Mathias who is acted by star Richard Harrington is moving on, which seems like he is searching for a new project or show.

And also he is currently filming for another show. The producers of the show Gethin Scourfield and Ed Talfan are also engaged in some other projects.

Also, the crew of the show Hinterland founded shooting for another series which also follow a detective drama formate.

So, by these all pieces of evidence, it would be safe to assume that the show Hinterland has been ended at its season 3.


Main Cast of Hinterland:

  • Richard Harrington as Thomas Mathias.
  • Mali Harries as Mared Rhys.
  • Alex Harries as Lloyd Eillis.
  • Hannah Daniel as Sian Owens.
  • Aneirin Hughes as Brian Prosser.
  • Anamaria Marinca as Meg Mathias.
  • Geraint Morgan as Iwan Thomas.
  • Sian Reese-Williams as Manon.


Until now there is no official announcement on the release date of Hinterland season 4. As I mentioned earlier that there are plenty of reasons for the cancelation of the show.

So, it is extremely unlikely that the Hinterland season 4 will not come in 2021.

As there is now a release date of Hinterland season 4, so there is also no trailer for Hinterland season 4. But in the future, if season 4 is released then we will get to watch its trailer before one month of the premiere of the show. 

But till yet if you haven’t watched Hinterland seasons 1,2 and 3 then you all can watch that on Netflix, there it is available in English subtitles.


hinterland season 4

According to the sources the show Hinterland had got 7.6 out of its 10 by IMDb.

And yet there is no rating by the Rotten Tomatoes for Hinterland.


The series Hinterland is made in the Welsh language. series is interesting and it also holds a huge viewership.

You people can watch Hinterland past seasons on Amazon and Netflix. There show is available in English subtitles. 

You can also visit Hinterland’s IMDb page.


As now we came to the end of the article so I must say that the three seasons of Hinterland is a very nice series.

Till yet there are only three seasons of Hinterland, and also there is no clue regarding the release date of Hinterland season 4.

As I mentioned earlier some reasons for the ended up of the series Hinterland. So, by looking at that reasons we can conclude that the series has ended after its three seasons. 

But in the future, if it’s a season 4 release then we all can watch that on Amazon and Netflix in English subtitles.

So, just hope for the best and till then stay at home and be safe.


How many seasons are there of Hinterland?

Until now there are three seasons of Hinterland and there is no clue for season 4 of Hinterland.

Was Hinterland Cancelled?

According to the sources, the detective show Hinterland is ended after its three seasons.

Is Hinterland a good show?

Yes, Hinterland is a good show.


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