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Charlotte Anime Season 2:[Confirmed?] Release Date, Plot, Update and everything.

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Shārotto or popularly known as Charlotte is a Japanese anime television series that has been under the directorial of Yoshiyuki Asai and been produced jointly by P.A.Work and Aniplex.

The first season of Charlotte was released back in July 2015 and was followed by an original video animation (OVA) that premiered in March 2016. Yoshiyuki Asai and P.A.Work again teamed together for the OVA. And the fans have been eagerly waiting and anticipating for Charlotte Anime Season 2 since the finale episode of the first season.

Charlotte Anime Season 2

Jun Maeda originally provided the idea for Charlotte and is the creator of the series. He even worked as a writer for Charlotte as well as composed a couple of songs for the anime television series.

Maeda had thought of the original concept and storyline of Charlotte a long time back in early 2012 following his completion of the 2010 fantasy anime television drama, Angel Beats.

After the release of the first season of Charlotte, the anime drama received widespread appraisals and reception for its story plotline along with its quite expressive graphics.

Besides that, Charlotte also met with several critique reviews for its comic aspects that have been described as dumb and corny. It even faced criticism for the pace that the series went.

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Charlotte Anime Season 2

Charlotte Anime Season 2: Release Date| When will it return?

Charlotte aired their first season on 5th July 2015 and after releasing a total of thirteen episodes the series concluded its course the same year on 27th September. After the completion of the first season, there have been speculations regarding the production of Charlotte Anime Season 2.

However, considering that no official statement has been shared by the makers or the producing studio houses we can assume that the odds of Charlotte Anime Season 2 happening keeps on decreasing as days passes by.

The finale episode of the first season left a ton of content and story for the creators, and if it is stretched in the right manner it can be established into a whole new season thus possibly giving us Charlotte Anime Season 2. However, with no word from the creators as of now, we can certainly conclude that they have decided to end the series with the last episode of the first season there itself.

As the anime series, Charlotte has been created from an original storyline instead of a manga novel backing it up, the plot of possible Charlotte Anime Season 2 is still unknown. Regardless, if the creators magically start working on Charlotte Anime Season 2, it will most likely be based on a spin-off premise with some new characters.

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Charlotte Anime Season 2

Charlotte Anime Season 2: Plot and Storyline

Charlotte Anime is set up in an alternate reality, where a comet named Charlotte passes for a short amount of time by the earth every 75 years. However, when the comet passes by it disposes of some dust-like particles on the planet, which results in a small percentage of pre-adolescents humans who have inhaled the dust to manifest strange but supernatural abilities when they reach the age of puberty.

However, the story of the anime television series mainly focuses on an ordinary teenager,  Yuu Otosaka. Yuu is just like an average high school-going student along with being extremely charming and intelligent. Nonetheless, he carries a secret that no one knows- as he has the power to control human minds who are in his vicinity and make them do whatever he desires for around five seconds.

Yuu also manages to successfully keep his superhuman ability under the radar from his family, friends, and other peers. He mainly uses this power to maintain a perfect grade which results in him getting admission to one of Japan’s most prestigious schools.

As the series progresses, Yuu is abruptly caught red-handed using his power by another character named, Nao Tomori who also possesses superhuman ability to make herself invisible for a limited amount of time. Nao pressurizes Yuu and his younger sister, Ayumi to transfer to another school named, Hoshinoumi Academy where we meet other teenagers who also have unexplainable powers. Nao again forces Yuu to join the student council which she later reluctantly does. The council is also headed by Nao.

Being a member of the council, Yuu is forced to deal with several challenges in which he ends up facing the fact that though his power is strong it still is lacking in some aspects. He soon becomes aware that he is using only a limited portion of his power and that it holds a ton of potential which he eager and excited to explore.

Initially using the ability to merely cheat and clear his exams, Yuu goes through incredible character development. And by the end of the series, we witness how Yuu finally comprehending and utilizing this power for a much bigger and better purpose than using it for selfish reasons.

Frequently asked questions:

A. Where can we watch all the seasons of the anime series Charlotte?

Charlot90te has released only one season that comprises thirteen episodes. The season can be streamed on international streaming networks such as Hulu, Crunchyroll as well as on Aniplex Channel. The episodes are available in both English subbed and dubbed versions.

B. How many episodes are there in Charlotte?

Charlotte was released back in 2015 and includes thirteen episodes. Each episode of the anime television series has a runtime of around twenty-four minutes

C. Where can we watch the OVA episode of Charlotte?

The OVA episode of Charlotte was broadcasted in March 2016 after the release of the first season. The episode was titled ‘Record of the Future’ and was included in a limited edition of the Blu-Ray/DVD Volume 7 box set. Sadly, though Crunchyroll offers the first season, the OVA episode is not available on the platform.

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