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GTA Online Update Time Revealed: Los Santos Tuners Release Date and patch notes countdown, REVEALED EVERYTHING

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Rockstar has been regularly updating its online gaming platform, GTA Online. The next update is expected to be released today at 9 am BST (or 4 pm EST), and will bring on the Los Santos Tuners expansion for players of Grand Theft Auto V. This follows several previous updates Rockstar have shared over PS4, Xbox One, or PC with varying start times – so it may take some time before everyone can play together! For more details about this new release head over to the rockstar games support website where you’ll find all the latest patch notes in full detail as well as tips from fellow gamers who’ve already explored these exciting new features.


The next GTA Online update is coming out this week and will add the latest cars and content to Grand Theft Auto V.

The biggest change in this newest version of online play for Rockstar’s game comes on PC where players have been waiting patiently since September 11th, 2013 when they last got a taste of new features with “Bikers” DLC. The wait won’t belong as it releases alongside all other platforms on Tuesday, December 10th, 2014 that day meaning no one playing PS4, Xbox One or Play Station 3 or 4 will miss anything!GTA Online Update Time Revealed: Los Santos Tuners Release Date and patch notes countdown, REVEALED EVERYTHING

If you play GTA Online and haven’t been paying attention to updates lately, then here’s what they’ve added over the past few months.

We don’t know when Rockstar will release their next game update for GTA Online but we do have a pretty good idea – it’ll be sometime shortly! All of this time has given players enough practice with how new expansions are released so that now isn’t all too surprising. Past DLC was occasionally uninteresting or repetitive (not your fault), but some upcoming content is going to shake things up quite nicely- especially as Los Santos Tuners goes live this week.

A new social space is about to open in the Grand Theft Auto Online game this week. Players can always enter passive mode if they need to group up, and there are already clubs and apartments where gamers congregate at. Rockstar Games has announced a brand-new area for players: LS Car Meet! The update will include an arena that’s perfect for people who love showing off their cars–and we all know how much of a crime it would be not to show them off at least once now and then!

The car enthusiasts of The Racers’ Network share their enthusiasm for all things automotive. Whether you’re looking to trade in your old clunker or want a chance at fast cash, this is the place for you!

WHEN IS THE NEW GTA ONLINE UPDATE COMING OUT?GTA Online Update Time Revealed: Los Santos Tuners Release Date and patch notes countdown, REVEALED EVERYTHING

Rockstar Games announced that the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners DLC will be available on Tuesday, July 20. This update is likely to be a very large one and gamers should expect download sizes of at least 10GBs. The rollout for this patch could take several hours so Rockstars has set it up like previous releases where updates are rolled out across PS4, Xbox One, and PC during different times throughout the day starting after 9 am BST with all three consoles expected to have access by 11 am BST based on predictions from IBTimes UK tech experts.

We’re not expecting any more guidance from Rockstar on the subject but if they do post more information we will make sure to add it here.

And for those wanting to know about the new Car Meet coming up in GTA Online, check out this official description:

Rockstar Games has not made any additional announcements on the subject, but if more information is released we will make sure to post it here. For those looking for a sneak peek of their new Car Meet coming soon, you can find out all.

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