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Evangelion Watch Order: How to watch Evangelion? Where to start from? We have all the answers to your questions!

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Welcome to the world of Evangelion! But How to watch Evangelion?

how to watch evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese anime TV series that was animated by Tatsunoko. It was telecasted on TV in Tokyo from October 1995 to March 1996. it is a massive franchise that includes manga series, anime series, many movies, video games, and much more!

So it is absolutely normal to get confused about where to start and how to watch Evangelion to get the best experience of this masterpiece without leaving anything. So we are here to help! Keep reading and you will find all the answers to your questions.

Evangelion is an extreme future-oriented story about cataclysm and how humans deal with it. The main character of this series is a teenage boy named Shinji who was trained in his father’s organization to pilot these huge machines called ‘Evangelion’.

The ‘Angels’ who are ironically the devils in this series, try to destroy everything and they can only be stopped by the Evangelions. This battle between them is a roller-coaster of adventures and immerses you in a completely new world!

This story is not just about killing the monsters and being the hero. It depicts different emotions of fear, love, and vulnerability of the characters from various perspectives with rich music which will definitely make you shed a tear or two.

Before we reveal the story too much, you should absolutely add this to your watch-list and thank us later! But among all these volumes where to start from? And How to watch Evangelion?

Where and How to watch Evangelion? Manga vs Series

how to watch evangelion

Among all this excessive content it can be easy to get lost and overwhelmed. You must be thinking How to watch Evangelion? Where to watch it?

All the 26 episodes of Evangelion are currently available on Netflix including the special director’s cut episodes (don’t miss out on that!). But before the series, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto illustrated a manga version to promote this series which was published in December 1994 and continued till June 2013.

Although the manga was released before, it is not necessary to read all the volumes before watching the anime. Manga does have some special elements but the series has covered most of the story and you won’t miss anything important.

Apart from the series, there are also a few movies based on this named Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth and The End of Evangelion which are also available on Netflix and you can watch these after finishing the anime series since it’s kind of a spin-off version.

Other than that, four remodeled versions of the movies were made named Rebuild of Evangelion to give it a modern touch. The four movies under this are –

Evangelion 1.0: You are not alone

Evangelion 2.0: You can not advance

Evangelion 3.0: You can not redo

Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time

So we recommend you to finish the series first, then watch the original spin-off movies and if you still have time and want to explore more about the Evangelion then you can watch the Rebuild of Evangelion to see the modern take on the series and get the full experience.

Hope we have answered your questions on “How to watch Evangelion?”. If you have watched Evangelion, or still confused about how to watch Evangelion, then let us know your opinions about it in the comment section below!

How did the audience react to Evangelion?

how to watch evangelion

This series was a huge hit not only in Japan but everywhere around the world. People loved the uniqueness of the plot and highly praised it for perfectly depicting a slice of life on the screen.

After the release of the mange, its sales went off the roof. The first 11 volumes sold over 17 million copies and billions of merchandised goods all around the world. The whole Evangelion franchise has become a brand of its own with the latest sales in 2015 of ¥700 billion.

Apart from the fans, the media and critics have also loved this series. Evangelion has been honored with many awards like, ‘Best Loved Series’ in 1996, Excellence Award Japan Media Arts Festival in 1997, and Nihon SF Taisho Award with large margins. It has always been included in ‘Top 10 Best Animes’ for the last decade or so.

But not every show is perfect. Apart from the applauds, this series has also received a bit of backlash because the last few episodes sparked a controversy.

Few fans got upset and thought this series contains a lot of rage and sadness and therefore, it is normalizing depression. This mistake of corrected and an alternative ending was used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Evangelion controversial?

Despite the success of End of Evangelion, its ending was considered controversial by many fans. Some believe that it was a manifestation of Anno’s frustrations with the fan culture that attacked his original ending and used End of Evangelion as revenge against those.


Should I watch Evangelion Episodes 25 and 26?

Death & Rebirth is essential. … Also included in Death & Rebirth is the first cut of episode 25 of the 26-episode anime. It’s worth a watch too, but mostly out of curiosity; it also is essentially the first part of The End of Evangelion, which you should obviously watch after you finish episode 26.


Are EVAs Angels?

NERV created the EVAs to fight off the Angel threat, but the EVAs are more similar to Angels than machines, as each was grown from samples of the First Angel, Adam after it was destroyed during the “Contact Experiment.” (Each, except for Unit-01, which is the only EVA to be created using samples from the Second Angel).


Is Evangelion a masterpiece?

The film is a remake of the final 2 episodes of the series which take place in the metaphysical plane, the film shows what happens in the physical world during that time and is widely considered the true ending and a masterpiece of filmmaking.


Where and How to watch Evangelion?

Amazon is bringing the conclusion to the Rebuild of Evangelion film series — adaptations of the beloved anime Neon Genesis Evangelion created by Hideaki Anno — to Prime Video on August 13th.

For more info:

If you have understood how to watch Evangelion and are ready to start watching it, take a look at Evangelion Trailer on Netflix first!

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