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Pen15 season 2 is here! Confirmed? Is it continuing? PLOT, CAST and MORE!

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What is this show Pen15 about?

Don’t you wish you could go back to middle school again and do all those embarrassing things once again because no one cares at that age! Pen15 is a series that will hit you with nostalgia about your childhood and might remind you of all those embarrassing little things so be ready!

Pen15 is an American comedy series which was premiered on Hulu on 8th February 2019 with 10 episodes. Then Hulu decided to renew this show for the second season which premiered on 18th September 2020 with 7 episodes.

Pen15 season 2

It is basically based on two girls Anna Kone played by Anna Konkle and Maya Ishii-Peters played by Maya Erskine and their middle school adventures. There are many incidents in the show with which you will relate to or might cringe at but it surely will provide you great laughs and will make you miss those good old days!

It has everything you can imagine in a teenager’s life – stalking your crush, embarrassing yourselves at a party, relationships and much more! But most importantly it shows the value of friendship and how should we cherish those idiots that we call our friends!

However, this show also makes you think that teenage life is not about parties and fun. It is also about discovering yourself and learning how to balance different aspects of your life but in a hilarious way.

In this era of Instagram and Twitter, many young girls get lost in this world where the standards of being a teenager are so high. It is common for them to feel insecure and overwhelmed.

This show might help them in understanding the reality of life that in real life they are allowed to make mistakes, to feel awkward, not to be ashamed of who they really are and expand their imagination.

Pen15 season 2

Is Pen15 season 2 cancelled?

There was much confusion among fans when Pen15 season 2 premiered with only 7 episodes which are less compared to the previous season which had 10 episodes.

It did not take too long for the rumours to go around about cancelling the show. If you also believed in them, let us tell you that they were only rumours and Pen15 season 2 is not being cancelled, especially halfway through the season.

The shooting for Pen15 season 2 has to be abruptly stopped due to increasing cases of COVID-19 in 2020 not just in the US but everywhere around the world.

But don’t you worry, the cast was safe and they will soon start shooting for the rest of the episodes of Pen15 season 2. The releasing date for the remaining episodes have not been announced yet but it is predicted that we will get some kind of news about Pen15 season 2 around the fall of this year.

Here’s what else we know about Pen15 season 2 –

Pen15 season 2

Pen15 is loved by everyone as it is a family-friendly show. This show has a large reach as it is loved by young girls and boys and they like to express it on social media.

If you also want to show your support or get access to some behind the scenes photos or videos, then you can follow them on Instagram @pen15show.

The production team has given us a few sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, for instance, the 13th episode of the second part is named ‘Luminaria’ which is specially directed by Anna Konkle herself and the fans can’t keep their excitement!

They are also expecting a guest appearance from some celebrity as the show got noticed a lot but we can only hope!

This series was also greatly received by the media and the critics who describes it has gotten great ratings on IMDb and rotten tomatoes.

Do you like the show? What are your expectations from the second half of Pen15 season 2? Do let us know your opinions in the comment section down below!

Fun Facts about Pen15 season 2!

  1. This series has won Gotham Awards for Breakthrough Series in 2019.
  2. The show has been filmed in different parts of Los Angeles.
  3. It is vaguely based on real-life incidents of the cast.
  4. The main characters of the show Anna and Maya both got pregnant by the end of 2020 (guess they took the part ‘wanting to do everything together’ too seriously!).Pen15 season 2

Frequently Asked Questions about Pen15 season 2

Are Anna and Maya really friends?

Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle are not only real-life best friends and the hilarious leads of the Hulu comedy PEN15, but they’re now also both mothers. Erskine and Konkle realized they couldn’t do anything separately when they discovered that they were both pregnant last year.


Does Netflix have PEN15 season 2?

Yes, you can watch PEN15 (2019) on Netflix. You can use the Netflix app on your phone, computer, Smart TV or whatever another way you access Netflix to watch PEN15 (2019) streaming online.


Does Anna Konkle really sing?

In Episode #4 ‘Solo’ it is actually Anna Konkle’s singing voice for the ‘Ave Maria’s performance. In Episode #8, a group of kids watch the movie “Wild Things,” mainly to see the infamous sex scenes. Co-creator Maya Erskine’s real-life father, Peter Erskine, is the actual drummer on the “Wild Things” soundtrack.


How old are the PEN15 actors?

Erskine and Konkle are both 33 years old — an age that’s a little too old, even in Hollywood, to be playing young teens. And although they’re styled in middle-school-appropriate ways, the show makes absolutely no effort to conceal the actresses’ ages; in fact, their adulthood is a key part of the show’s quirky concept.


How do they film PEN15 season 2?

Pen15 doesn’t actually try to convince the audience that the physical firsts in the show are actually happening. Per an interview with THR, the cinematography does the work with a mixture of close-ups and then very obvious body doubles.

For more info:

Take a look at the trailer for Pen15 season 2 here!

And for more updates like this, check out our entertainment blog The Market Activity.


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