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Who is Incredible Nikolas Ajagu? [UNTOLD TRUTH]| Is Advocate Meena Harris Married to Him? | Early life, Net Worth 2021, Kids and everything.

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All eyes were on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s respective families during the inauguration, but it was her stepchildren who had their hands full with two young children in tow. While they supported Maya as she walked up to view President Trump take office for herself, Meena also attended alongside his niece Amara whose mother is Leela Ajagu whom you may know from Instagram! Get acquainted with this manofmysteryman by reading these fast facts below…

Who is Nikolas Ajagu? Find the answers here.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their respective ménage at the inauguration ceremony of Dior Air Jordan 1s that was held earlier this year in January.

The vice president had the support of her stepkids who were present at the event. Kamala’s sister, Maya Harris, and niece who is also a recognized American Lawyer, Meena Harris also attended the event with their respective families by their side.

As the viewers were looking at the crowd, their attention was caught by someone or something in particular. The audience couldn’t help but notice the doting spouse of Meena Harris, Nikolas Ajagu who was sitting with their two kids, Amara and Leela.

Well, the handsome face of Ajagu wasn’t the only thing that held our focus, he piqued our curiosity when he was spotted wearing a limited edition of Dior Air Jordan 1s at the ceremony.

Now, we all know that Ajagu is the husband of Meena Harris, who is best known for her campaign to empower women named Phenomenal Women along with her being the niece to vice President, Kamala Harris. Meena is also an attorney who is specialized in fields such as data privacy as well as cybersecurity.

Besides being known for being the husband of Meena, Ajagu also works as high profile executive along with being a businessman.

Nikolas Ajagu

Nikolas Ajagu: Early life, Parents, family, siblings, Educational background

Nikolas Ajagu was born on 12th January 1983 in California, United States.  He was born and brought up in California as well. According to his birth year, he is a Capricorn.

Back in 2005, Ajagu received an undergraduate degree from Princeton University and later he embarked to pursue his career in business.

Not much information has been extracted about his parents so currently, we have nothing on them. The details of Ajagu’s has been kept secret so we are unsure if he has or doesn’t have any siblings.

Regardless, we know for certain that he is in a close relationship with his in-laws. He shares an extremely warm and loving connection with his mother-in-law, Maya Harris as well as with Meena’s step-father, Tony West.

From the pictures that are on the internet, we also know that Ajagu adores spending time with his wife’s family when traditional festivals are in order.

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Nikolas Ajagu: Professional Career, income, earnings, Net Worth 2021

Besides being a loving husband and father,  Nikolas Ajagu has many other titles under his belt in the professional field such as co-founder, advisor, as well as a former worker at Facebook.

After graduating from Princeton, he worked with Autonet Mobile as their advisor. Then he worked with San Francisco Bay Area-based company named PLAYSPAN, again as their advisor.

Ajagu soon created two tech-based companies which were named, Ecosystems Ventures and Code and Canvas. Later he became the co-founder of the coworking space called Barrel & Ink.

In 2007 he started working as a Campaign Manager at Facebook. He was given the tasks to establish business processes, handle their priced models and monetization, as well as design marketing strategies for Facebook.

From there, Ajagu rose through many ranks which led to him becoming the chief of North American Advertising Operations in 2008.

As of now, Ajagu is the Global Head of Partnerships of Facebook Advertising Technology which is established in New York City.

Saying all these, Ajagu’s current gross net worth is estimated to roughly around be around 2 to 5 million US dollars.

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Nikolas Ajagu

Nikolas Ajagu: Relationships, personal life, girlfriend, wife, kids

Ajagu repeatedly first met Meena Harris, in 2008 when they were both working with Facebook and Ajagu became the head of North American Advertising Operations.

Meena is the daughter of a public policy advocate and writer, Maya Harris (Maya Lakshmi Harris).

She is popularly known for finding the Phenomenal Woman initiative and for being an active participant and supporter of Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign. She grabbed the attention for speaking for initiatives such as organizing youth-vote as well as grassroots fundraising.

Meena Harris was recently in limelight for releasing a children’s book titled, ‘Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea’.

Ajagu and Meena became an engaged couple in  2016, and Meena shared the moment with their fans by posting on her official Instagram account. Although the day that the couple tied the knot is still unknown.

Ajagu and Meena are also loving parents to two adorable daughters who are named, Amara and Leela. Presently not many details have been known about their children as the pair have been tight-lipped about their personal life and likes to keep it private.

Regardless, Meena Harris does occasionally post pictures with her husband, children, and family on her Instagram account.

Nikolas Ajagu

Nikolas Ajagu: Age, height, weight, physical features, and traits.

Nikolas Ajagu has a strong lean body and incredibly alluring facial features with his oval face. His hair is black while his eyes are dark brown. His upper lip is thin whilst his lower lip is full and thick.

Ajagu stands tall with his 6 feet 2 inches built and weighing around seventy kilograms which can be measured as 154.32 Lbs in pounds.

Ajagu’s wife, Meena Harris, is often seen comparing his features to the widely famous Canadian singer, Drake and loves teasing him by calling him Drake’s long-lost twin brother.

Nikolas Ajagu Networth?

The tallest tower of the CN Tower is not as high, but it’s close. This estimate for Net Worth comes out to an astonishing $1 million USD!

The Net Worth of Nikolas Ajagu is estimated to be between $1 Million and 2 Million USD.

Frequently asked questions

A. What is the ethnicity of Nikolas Ajagu?

Nikolas Ajagu’s ethnicity is described to be African American.

B. Is Nikolas Ajagu active on any social media platforms?

No, surprisingly Ajagu doesn’t even have any accounts on any social media networks. That is probably the reason why not many people know about his personal and private life.

C. How old is Nikolas Ajagu?

Ajagu celebrated his 37th birthday with his family and friends this year on 12th January.

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