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Though the renewal of Shetland season 6 was confirmed by BBC, What’s really happening about Shetland season 6? New Cast Revealed?

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Do we have the chance for watching another set of episodes of the suspenseful crime story, shetland season 6? If so, when it will happen? what will be the release date of shetland season 6? what will be the storyline of shetland season 6? To find the answers to all these questions, you need to read this article, which is about Shetland season 6.

shetland season 6

Before we know about shetland season 6, just take a look at its previous seasons

What happened in the previous seasons of Shetland season 6?

The television series, Shetland is a Scottish crime drama. The story of Shetland is based on the novels of Ann Cleeves, but only in the initial stages of the series. Later, the content of the episodes was created by David Kane. After that, he became the permanent story writer for the crime drama television series Shetland. 

The first episode of the series Shetland was broadcasted on the 10th of March 2013. The series Shetland is produced by ITV Studios for BBC Scotland.

To know more about the release date, cast, story of Shetland season 6, refer to the below-given article.

The story of the series Shetland mostly takes place on the Scottish archipelago, but most of the filming part of Shetland did take place on the mainland of Scotland. But, on a contrary, only a few parts of the filming of the series Shetland took place in Shetland.

shetland season 6

 Nearly five seasons of the series, Shetland have been broadcast as of April 2019. For the role of detective inspector, named Jimmy Pérez, Douglas Henshall was awarded the best actor award in the 2016 BAFTA Scotland awards. 

And along with Douglas, the whole crew of the series Shetland won and received the Best Television Drama for the year 2016 in the same award ceremony, BAFTA Scotland awards.

As this Coronavirus pandemic has turned this world upside down and a lot of things have been waiting for the pandemic to get over, the whole crew of Shetland is also one among us. 

They are also waiting for the right time to start the work of Shooting the series, Shetland Season 6. It was nearly two years ago, 2nd of December 2019, BBC One gave an announcement about the upcoming seasons of Shetland.

shetland season 6

They said that Shetland would give a tremendous comeback with two more series, Shetland Season 6 and 7. Shetland season 6 is planned to be released in 2020, whereas Shetland season 7 is planned to be released in 2021.

 One of the leading actors of the series, Douglas Henshall too confirmed that he will return to his role in Shetland season 6, along with Alison O’Donnell. 

But after this, we, as the fandom of Shetland, are still waiting for the updates about Shetland season 6.

shetland season 6

After knowing a dozen facts and info about the series, Shetland, are you not curious to watch the series?

If you wish to watch the whole series anytime, you can watch the series on the Over The Top platforms, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, anytime. If you don’t know how to watch the series, Shetland, use the below-given links to watch Shetland, all 5 seasons. 

For all five seasons of Shetland, Use this Link – Shetland

The cast of Shetland season 6

Before knowing more about the cast of Shetland season 6, Watch and enjoy the Trailer of Shetland.


The role of the always serious-looking detective inspector, Jimmy Perez was played by Douglas Henshall in the Shetland season 1. The role of the detective sergeant, Alison “ Tosh” Macintosh was beautifully played by Alison O’Donnell in the 1st season of Shetland.

The role of the detective constable, Sandy Wilson was played by Steven Robertson. The role of Cassie’s Biological father, Duncan Hunter was played by Mark Bonnar. The role of the procurator fiscal, Rhona Kelly was played by Julie Graham.

The role of the forensic pathologist, Cora McLean was played by Anne Kidd in the 5th season of Shetland. In the second season of Shetland, the role of the police sergeant, Billy McBride was played by Stewart Porter. 

shetland season 6

The role of Jimmy’s stepdaughter, in the fourth season of Shetland, Cassie Perez was played beautifully by Erin Armstrong. In the fourth season of Shetland, the role of the police sergeant, Billy McCabe was played by Lewis Howden.

Though there can be some new characters in Shetland season 6, we can be sure that the above-mentioned roles will have their own space to showcase the needs of their roles in Shetland season 6. But to see all these things, we need to do nothing but wait for the release of Shetland season 6. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Tosh in the Shetland books?

A SPLENDID SIDEKICK. One of the best things about Shetland is the mentor-protégé interaction between Jimmy Perez and his fellow cop, Alison “Tosh” MacIntosh. … This is why it may come as a surprise to viewers to learn that the character of Tosh doesn’t actually exist in Cleeves’ original Shetland novels.
To know more about the first question, Refer to the article given below.

2.  Is the crime drama of Shetland over?

The BBC has confirmed Shetland’s renewal for series six and seven, but nothing has been said about the show’s future beyond that point yet. Ann Cleeves, the author of the books on which Shetland is based, said in March last year that the eighth Shetland book, WildFire, would be the series‘ last.

To know more about the second question, refer to the article given below.

3. Why does Cassie on Shetland have 2 days?

Cassie Perez is the biological daughter of Duncan Hunter and stepdaughter of DI Perez. She was 3 years old when her mother Fran and Duncan divorced. … Duncan Hunter is the biological father of Cassie. As a serial philanderer, Duncan’s second marriage is now under the same strain as his first to Fran.
To know more about the third question, refer to the article given below.
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