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Criminal Minds Season 16: CONFIRMED? Release Date, Plot, Cast and much more

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According to Deadline, Paramount+ (now known as CBS All Access) is in the early stages of restarting Criminal Minds season 16. It’s only been a year since the BAU took down The Chameleon before sending Garcia off to start the next chapter of her career. Technically, the revival would be a miniseries with the possibility of more seasons in the future, but nothing has been confirmed at this time (including whether or not the reboot will actually happen).

Criminal Minds season 16

Fans of Criminal Minds shouldn’t get too excited just yet, since the project is still in its early stages, but, understandably, Paramount+ would be looking into methods to bring the long-running crime series back. Criminal Minds is one of the most popular licensed programs streaming on Netflix, according to Deadline, indicating that it has a global audience. As Paramount+ searches for ways to mine its archive for hits, this makes it a significant asset for the new streaming service.

It also helps that executive producer Erica Messer left the door open in the series conclusion for further BAU escapades. Criminal Minds ended on an oddly joyful note after 15 seasons: not only did none of the main characters die, but everyone save Garcia was set to stay with the BAU. As a result, a prospective revival could conceivably pick up just where the finale left off.

Is there going to be a Criminal Minds season 16? What is the release date for Criminal Minds season 16? Who might be in the cast of  Criminal Minds season 16? Find out all your answers to Criminal Minds season 16 below.

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When will Criminal Minds season 16 be released?

For the time being, the debut date for Criminal Minds seasons 16 is still unknown. According to TVLine, the idea is still in its early phases of development as of February 19, 2021. As a result, no agreements have been reached with the cast or writers. If Paramount+ and the show’s co-producers, CBS Studios and ABC Signature, can iron out the technicalities, the revival will most likely take a year or more to complete.

Even though the series concluded barely a year ago, several members of the cast and crew have gone on to new projects. And, given the resurrection appears to be positioned as a continuation of the series, Paramount+ will no doubt want to bring on as many of the show’s main players as possible. For the time being, fans will have to wait while all of the behind-the-scenes negotiations are worked out.

Criminal Minds season 16: Which cast members will return?

The revival’s roster would include both famous faces and new characters, according to TVLine. But, once again, it’s far too early to say who could be interested in returning for another season of Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds season 16

Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer), A. J. Cook (J.J.), Joe Mantegna (Rossi), Kirsten Vangsness (Garcia), Paget Brewster (Prentiss), Adam Rodriguez (Luke), and Aisha Tyler (Lewis) were among the cast members of the show’s last season. That isn’t to say that all of the performers would agree to return, but it does indicate that at least a section of the season 15 cast would be involved. While some episodes end with the characters going their separate ways, Criminal Minds took the opposite approach. Garcia was the only member of the team to leave, and she took a position near her previous office (also, Luke asked her out on a date, thus Vangsness’s fan-favorite character may conceivably return).

Shemar Moore, who played Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds from 2005 to 2017 before leaving to star in his own CBS drama, S.W.A.T., is the real deal. Some fans were disappointed that Moore didn’t appear in the conclusion (aside from archival material), but if Paramount+ can convince Moore to return for a cameo in the next revival, it will go a long way toward making the new season a must-see for longstanding fans.

Brewster stated in a recent interview with ComicBook.com that every cast member from seasons 12-15 has been invited to return for the next season, so while we don’t know who accepted the offer from Paramount+, we may expect for a quorum from the good old days to report for duty.

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What would Criminal Minds season 16 be about?

Criminal Minds season 16

In recent years, television has gotten increasingly serialized, but part of Criminal Minds’ appeal was its ability to keep viewers returning with an old-school case-of-the-week structure. It would be strange for the writers to deviate from the pattern today, but if Season 16 turns out to be a limited series (at least at first), it might make sense for the program to focus on one major case with a few lesser unsub side cases tossed in for good measure.

Criminal Minds Season 16 could also provide the writers a chance to experiment with riskier styles of storytelling that didn’t work in the previous season. Messer told Entertainment Weekly shortly after the finale aired that the writers had played with the notion of putting a format-smashing episode in the final season, but decided against it because there were only 10 episodes left.

“There was crazy stuff thrown out in the room, and we didn’t just shoot it down. We would say, ‘Okay, how could that happen?’ The idea of a live episode or… what do you call it?… a documentary film crew following the crew around,” she said. “We ended up exploring some of those, but ultimately we weren’t able to find a way to keep it true to the series.”

However, now that Season 16 of Criminal Minds is a possibility, the writers may be able to use some of their more unusual episode ideas while creating a fresh start for the BAU.

Criminal Minds Trailer – YouTube

Did you get enough information about Criminal Minds season 16? Would you like to read more about Criminal Minds season 16?  Did I miss out on anything about Criminal Minds season 16? Comment below and let us know.


Q- Why did JJ leave Criminal Minds?

Ans- Despite being a key member of the BAU team, J.J. remained absent from the show for most of Season 6. The in-fiction cause was her forced transfer to the Pentagon, which served as a cover tale for her genuine job on a Middle East task group. J.J. was reportedly offered the Pentagon position.

Q- Where can I watch Criminal Minds Season 15?

Ans- “Criminal Minds – Season 15” is currently available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, DIRECTV, Paramount Plus, Paramount+ Amazon Channel, or to purchase as a download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store, and FandangoNOW.

Q- Does Mateo Cruz die in Criminal Minds?

Ans- Hastings appears, having faked his death because he was a traitor as well. Hastings and some of his associates run, while Askari murders one of the last surviving associates before stabbing Cruz in the stomach. When Askari tries to cut JJ’s throat, Hotch shoots him dead.

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