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Who is Wilbur Soot why he is so famous? What is Wilbur Soot’s real name? What is the Wilbur Soot net worth? Dose he is in a relationship?

To learn about Wilbur Soot read the following article. Track the current status of the Wilbur Shot.


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wilbur soot

Wilbur Soot is best known for his involvement in the Dream Survival-Multiplayer (“SMP”). He is a British internet personality, a Twitch streamer, and also a singer and a songwriter.

He is a star and a social butterfly, he has 2.7 million followers on Instagram, 2.6 million followers on Twitter, and 5.55 million subscribers on YouTube.

Wilbur Soot’s real name is Will Gold, and he was born on 14 September 1996 in Suffolk England, and his age is 24 years as of July 2021.

He was born and raised in a middle-class family. His nationality is British. He has done his primary schooling at the local Suffolk School in Suffolk, England, United Kingdom, and completed his graduation from Sussex Down’s College in Lewes, England, the United Kingdom.

Wilbur as a child is said to be truly fascinated and interested in gaming and as he grows up, he wanted to pursue his career as a gamer.

He also takes part in many extra co-curricular activities and competitions during his school and college days.


Full Name – Wilbur Soot.

Real Name – Will Gold.

Date Of Birth – 14 September 1996.

Age – 24 Years.

Education Qualification- Graduation.

Birth Place – Suffolk, England, UK.

Nationality – British.

Home Town – Suffolk, England.

School – Local Suffolk School, England, UK.

College/ University – Sussex Down’s College, Lewes England, UK.

Occupation – Internet personality, YouTuber, Video game streamer, Singer-Songwriter, Musician.

                                     MUSIC CAREER

Genres – Comedy, Satirical, Indie Pop

Instrument – Vocal, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano

Year active – 2008- present.

                                   YOUTUBE INFORMATION

Channels – Wilbur Soot, Wilbur Music, Wilbur Soot Extra.

Genre – Gaming.

Subscribers – 5.55 million.


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wilbur soot

As per the news, as of July 2021, Wilbur Soot earns around $322 thousand. It is believed that Will Gold or Wilbur Soot’s net worth is approximately $7770 thousand.

He mainly earns through his gaming, various social media platform, and several other business ventures.


Wilbur soot

Wilbur Soot belongs to a middle-class family. His father Mr. Soot is an engineer by profession and his mother Mrs. Soot is a government service.

Wilbur Soot is unmarried, and for now, he is not dating anyone and also there are no insights into any of his past relationships.

However, for the last few years, his name is joined by a German YouTuber and Twitch streamer Nikita ‘Niki’ Nihachu who is famous for her just chatting and gaming content.


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Wilbur Soot and Nikita Nihachu ( Niki) both is YouTubers and their genre is gaming. Niki and Wilbur met by the game named “bachelor”.

Wilbur appeared in the game as the ‘bachelor’ and eliminated all the girls except Niki. Also, Niki had a choice between ‘host’ and ‘love’. ‘Host’ means that a contestant didn’t have an interest in the bachelor while love indicates that the contestant had an interest in the bachelor.

Fortunately, Niki chooses love over the host, and it meant that the two YouTubers were a match. After their match, Niki and Wilbur started streaming together, and also they shared many cute moments over the internet.

By their viral photos and videos on the internet, their relationship status had become the hot news in late 2020.

And by this that their fans started pairing them. However, the couple looks very pretty together.

Again in March 2020, Wilbur went to Niki’s home country Germany. But it is unclear that whether he went to meet Niki or not?.

But according to news Wilbur has reported on one of Niki’s streams, when he was in Germany.

According to the news, they both are just friends. And this was clear by a tweet by Nihachu, which suggests that she is not sure about her relationship with Wilbur.

She posted a photo on the internet, in which one of her fans asked her a question “Nik are you still wolbur?, and she replied, “I don’t know”.

However, Wilbur had said nothing about his and Niki’s relationship.


wilbur soot

Wilbur Soot belongs to a middle-class family. He is a YouTuber and a social media influencer. He is a Catholic boy.

He has done his primary schooling from Suffolk local school, England, UK, and higher education from Sussex Down’s College, England, UK.

His lifestyle is very luxurious. His monthly income is around $322k and his net worth is approximately $7770k.

His favorite actor is Eddie Redmayne and the actress is Emma Watson.

His favorite color is black and his dream holiday destination is Paris.

His hobbies are listening to music, gaming, songwriting, and traveling.

His favorite food is Italian food and also Chinese food.


Wilbur Soot is a very hot, good-looking, smart, dashing, charming, and cute guy and very popular among girls.

He is 6 feet 5 inches in height, and his body weight is around 75kg. He is a big bully build-up boy with a very handsome and cute face.

He has a very nice body physic with a good body measurement. His biceps size is 14 and his chest size is 44.

His eye color is blue which makes him extra attractive and his shot brow hair makes him look more charming.

He has no tattoo on his body and his shoe size is 9 ( UK ).

He is a dream boy of many girls all over the world and also stole the heart of many girls with his handsome and cut looks.

He is also for his good looks and well bully-build body.


  • Wilbur is 24 years old.
  • Wilbur is single.
  • Wilbur is “Soy-Boi”.
  • Wilbur is a “social butterfly”.
  • Wilbur cannot taste things properly.
  • Wilbur’s favorite animal is a killer whale.
  • Wilbur has three turtles and a nice viewing area for him.
  • Wilbur has 3+ Minecraft boyfriends, one of which is SMP’S R Thames among with Gaylord Schlatt.
  • After being dumped by his first girlfriend he was trapped by drugs and drinks.


What age is Wilbur Soot?

Wilbur Soot is 24 years old. He was born on 14 September 1996.

What religion is Wilbur Soot?

Wilbur Soot belongs to the Christian religion.

Is Wilbur Soot dating anyone?

According to the news, Wilbur Soot is single now.


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