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What is wrong with the release of Channel Zero season 5, after a wide reach made by the previous seasons of Channel Zero all over the globe ?

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What is wrong with the release of Channel zero season 5? In the subreddit of the series, Channel Zero, the creator of the show, Nick Antosa once said that he has discussed the storyline and concepts for Channel Zero season 5 and Channel Zero 6 with the crew members of the series and the studio. But still, there are no further updates about Channel zero season 5. Let us find the answers to the questions mentioned above, about Channel zero season 5 in this article.

We need to know some fundamental info and stuffs about the previous seasons of Channel Zero before knowing about the problem behind the release of Channel Zero season 5.

Basic details about Channel zero and its previous seasons

channel zero season 5


An American television series, Channel Zero is created by Nick Antosca. She plays a vital role in creating this masterpiece of work. She serves as an Executive producer, writer, and showrunner at the same time. The series, Channel Zero is of the genre Horror anthology.

The first episode of Channel Zero season one was broadcasted on the 11th of October, in 2016 by Syfy cable channel. At first, the series, Channel Zero got greenlit for two seasons, each season consisting of 6 episodes and they were self-contained seasons. 

Though there is no trailer for Channel Zero season 5, here is the trailer for the previous seasons of Channel Zero.


Are you feeling bored or horrified of knowing kinds of stuff about the release of horror television drama, Channel Zero season 5? Take a quick break and read the article given below for a change of mind.

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After the completion of the second season, the series Channel Zero was renewed by the cable channel, Syfy for a third and fourth season. The last and final episode, as of now, of the fourth season of Channel Zero, was broadcasted on the 31st of October, in 2018.

The storyline of Channel Zero Season 5

channel zero season 5


Before figuring out the storyline of Channel zero season 5, we will see what was the storyline in the previous seasons of Channel Zero.

The basic idea of the whole series, that is the four seasons of Channel zero is to recreate all the popularly known and horrifying creepypastas. A few might be wondering about what is meant by creepypastas.

Creepypastas are nothing but folklore that can be terrorful and horrifying, which have been copied and pasted by some anonymous person on the Internet. The stories of this type will be written with a motive to frighten the readers. These horror stories, entered on the Internet by some anonymous person, will always be brief, paranormal stories.

channel zero season 5


Are you excited to know more about the Channel zero series?  given below are the links for all the four seasons of the series Channel Zero.

Channel Zero – Season 1

Channel Zero – Season 2

Channel Zero – Season 3

Channel Zero – Season 4

Now, let us move on to the main plot of this article, Why Channel Zero season 5 was canceled?

Is there any proper reason behind the cancellation of Channel Zero season 5?

After the ending of the fourth season of Channel Zero on the 31st of October, in 2018, after a few months, on the 16th of January, in 2019, there was an official announcement from the original network partner of the series, the Syfy cable channel, stating that, the series, Channel Zero is canceled after four fascinating seasons.

This was again confirmed by the writer, producer, and showrunner, Nick Antosa through an Instagram post on his page, stating that Channel zero is no more at Syfy after its four seasons.

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channel zero season 5


But, we can still wait for the release of Channe Zero season 5 as there is positive info ahead about the making and concepts of Channel Zeros season 5.

Nick Antosa, once wrote in the Channel Zero subreddit, that he has some concepts and storylines ready for Channel Zero season 5 and 6. And he also added that he has discussed the new set of episodes of Channel Zero season 5 with the crew of the series Channel Zero.

With this, we can conclude that there is still room for cooking up a story and renew the series as Channel Zero season 5, but not with the same network partner, the Syfy cable channel network.

channel zero season 5

Thus, we still have hopes and can stay positive that, for sure, there will be a new and horrifying set of episodes in Channel season 5, though there are no further updates neither from the creator and writer, Nick Antosa nor any other OTT streaming platforms.

Here are some of the Questions, frequently asked questions about Channel Zero season 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Channel Zero based on Creepypasta?

Channel Zero’s Butcher’s Block was based on the Creepypasta “Search and Rescue Woods” and here’s how the adaptation compares to the source. … The first series was based around “Candle Cove,” while the final season The Dream Door drew from Charlotte Bywater’s “Hidden Door.”
To know more about the first question, refer to the article given below.

How Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block Compares To The Original Creepypasta

2. How scary is Channel Zero?

Parents need to know that Channel Zero is a horror series inspired by internet stories called “creepypasta,” scary tales shared on message boards. It’s full of creepy, supernatural events, some of which border on gruesome: Dead bodies, bloody images, suicide, and the murder of children, to name a few.

3. Why did Channel Zero get Cancelled?

The concept of “Channel Zero” was original, interesting, and raking in constant acclaim, but the lack of viewership is the reason why the show failed. SYFY isn’t the most popular television channel for original content, and SYFY simply wasn’t promoting “Channel Zero” enough.
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