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What will storyline of Penny Dreadful season 4 ? Confirmed? The mysterious and quiet queen of the show, Vanessa Ives dies in the third season of Penny Dreadful. What will happen in Penny Dreadful Season 4?

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What will the release date of Penny Dreadful season 4 be? In the third season of Penny Dreadful, the climax of the season ended with the death of the charming and quiet queen of the show, Vanessa Ives. Who will be playing the main role in Penny dreadful season 4? Let us find the answers to these questions about Penny Dreadful season 4 in this article.

Before starting our exploration about the show, Penny Dreadful season 4, Let us know some basic details and stuffs about the previous seasons of the series,  Penny Dreadful.

About the previous seasons of Penny Dreadful season 4

penny dreadful season 4


The famous television series, Penny dreadful is of the genre, Horror drama. The series, Penny dreadful is solely created by John Logan and the series was produced by a team of four people, in which John is also one among them. At first, the series was pitched to a lot of channels from the UK and the US.

But, at last, the series, Penny Dreadful, was handed over to One of the British pay-television channels, Sky Atlantic.

Before being aired on the Sky Atlantic channel, the series first premiered at the SXSW, that is, the South by Southwest film festival. This happened on the 9th of March, in 2014. Nearly after one and half months, the series Penny Dreadful aired on television on the 8th of April, in 2014.

penny dreadful season 4


The story of Penny Dreadful was written in a way that the story revolves around the 19th century time period, in England. And thus, it gave spaces for some public domain characters of the 19th century. 

  1. Justin from the novel, The Misfortunes of Virtue written by Marquis de Sade
  2. The charismatic and immortal man, Dorian gray from the Victorian Gothic Fiction, The Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde
  3. Dr. Victor Frankenstein and the creature that he created  from the novel Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley 
  4. A handful of characters from the novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker, which includes Abraham  Van Helsing, Count Dracula, John Seward, Mina Harker, and Renfield

Many people who were watching the series Penny Dreadful would have wondered why it has a title called, “ Penny Dreadful”. It is nothing like a type of British publication, in the 19th century. The phrase Penny Dreadful literally means some sort of subject matter with lurid and sensational info.

penny dreadful season 4


Feeling excited to know about the story of Penny dreadful? Here is the link which takes you directly to the official website of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Penny Dreadful – Netflix

Penny Dreadful – Amazon Prime Video

It is been 5 years since the ending of the third season of Penny Dreadful along with the death of Vanessa Ives. Till today the Crew of Penny Dreadful has not given any updates about Penny Dreadful season4, What’s happening?

When the series, Penny Dreadful finished the last episode of the third season in 2016, the crew of Penny Dreadful announced that this has happened only because of the truth that the story has met its end. In an interview, the head of Showtime television network, David Nevins confessed that he had a feeling that the series will not be a long-running show and he was damn sure about his feeling.

penny dreadful season 4


And at one point, when the show was nearing its end, David asked John Logan, the creator of the series, Penny Dreadful, that David had an idea of doing a new and fresh set of episodes as Penny Dreadful season 4, John rejected his proposal.

Feeling bored of reading info about Penny Dreadful season 4, take a break and read the article given below.

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John made clear that the third season of Penny Dreadful has ended with the death of Vanessa Ives. And thus, this has to be the end of the story of the series Penny Dreadful. David added that there are other important characters in the series, and thus, there is room for a new season, Penny Dreadful season 4.

But again, John rejected his idea and explained that different shows fit in different boxes and will have different rhythms. And thus, the right rhythm and right ending for the series, Penny Dreadful is this. And John also added that if the team develops a story for Penny Dreadful season 4 and releases it, that will not be a smart move.

penny dreadful season 4


Now, we have cleared a point that John has stated. He explains that, if the death of Vanessa Ives is the end of the series, then it has to be the end of the show. Thus, we have to accept their thoughts about Penny Dreadful season 4. 

 Given below are some of the questions surfed on the internet about Penny Dreadful season 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dorian Gray evil?

Now that Dorian has corrupted other people and committed murder, he knows that he has fully given up on trying to live a good life and can be considered evil. In his mind’s eye, he sees Basil, who appears as a timeless paragon of goodness, as well as memories of his former life, and Dorian cannot bear the guilt.

Why did Ethan kill Vanessa Ives?

After being bitten by Dracula, Vanessa sees Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett), an old friend, a man she loves, and a werewolf known as “lupus dei”, which translates to “wolf of God.” She asks Ethan to kill her as an act of mercy and though he’s clearly conflicted by the request, he shoots and kills her, allowing her to find peace in death and connect with God before she died.

3. Will Ethan and Vanessa Ives get together?

Upon deducing that Dr. Sweet is in fact Dracula, however, Vanessa resolves to kill him. … Once Ethan and Malcolm return to London to confront her and Dracula, she begs Ethan to kill her and end the darkness that has overtaken the world. The two finally kiss and declare their love for each other.

To know more about the third question, refer to the article given below.

Vanessa Ives – Wikipedia


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