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Forever Season 2 Canceled or Confirmed?: Release Date, Ensemble, Cast, Interesting Update and Much More.

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Forever is an American medical, crime, and fantasy drama television show. Matt Miller developed the series while Good Session, Lin Pictures, and Warner Bros. Television were the producing companies. Jennifer Gwartz, Dan Lin, and Chris Fedak alongside Miller who served as the executive producers for the television series. Nevertheless, after releasing only one season, the fans are still waiting for the miraculous premiere of Forever Season 2.

The show revolves around Dr. Henry Morgan, an immortal man who assumed the role of a medical examiner to examine the concept of death and seek answers to his never-ending immortality. He also provides his assistance to the New York City Police Department (NYPD) in deciphering murders and other crimes. Each episode also shows us a flashback to Henry’s life that reveals several significant details.

Forever Season 2

About: Forever

The crime series also has certain elements of popular culture such as Sherlock Holmes, The Highlander as well as New Amsterdam, and many more. It offers a great soon to the Prime Time television series and delivered an amazing procedural drama show.

Forever received mixed reviews from the television critics in the United States. Most critics were torn over the drama’s similarities with other crime series along with its synopsis. On the contrary to the critics, the show was well-received by the audience and the show even managed to be ranked among the best of the television season in various online polls. The show was also successful in luring the viewers of France and Spain to their television screens and gained positive responses from both countries.

Forever Season 2: Release Date| When will it happen?

Forever debuted with their pilot episode on 22nd September 2014 and concluded with the finale episode on 5th May 2015. The season was aired on the ABC channel.

However, on 7th November 2014, the network decided against renewing Forever Season 2 and canceled it for good.

Despite receiving positive responses from the viewers, ABC stated the show’s poor ratings being the reason behind canceling Forever Season 2. As the show was made available to be viewed on DVRs, the television critics think that the viewers watched the episodes up to seven days later which explained the network’s decision against ordering Forever Season 2.

According to viewing stats, the show had acquired quite a good rating for their debut episode which was viewed by around 8.26 million watchers. And reportedly the ratings were pretty decent for the second episode as well. Regardless, the ratings took a sudden dive from the broadcasting third episode.

No matter what, Forever couldn’t attain to improve their ratings by the time the last episode of the season was aired. The season concluded with a 1.12 rating and being viewed by 4.93 million watchers.

Nonetheless, the cancellation of Forever Season 2 was not taken lightly by the series fans, as they launched a number of social media campaigns and petitions to save the series. However, despite in spite of their several efforts, the show remained canceled and with no further announcement from the network or the creators, we have to face the fact that there are high chances that the series had ended for good.

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Forever Season 2

Forever Season 2: Cast and Characters| Who will appear?

Currently, no official announcement has been released regarding the cast and characters that will feature in Forever Season 2. It’s been quite a while since the series telecasted their finale episode so nothing can be said for sure which original cast member will return for  Forever Season 2.

However, we can certainly take a look back at the ensemble that appeared in the prior season of Forever which included:

  • Ioan Gruffudd as Doctor Henry Morgan:
  • Alana de la Garza as Detective Jo Martinez:
  • Joel David Moore as Lucas Wahl:
  • Donnie Keshawarz as Detective Mike Hanson:
  • Lorraine Toussaint as Lieutenant Joanna Reece: 
  • Judd Hirsch as Abraham “Abe” Morgan:

Forever Season 2

Forever Season 2: Plot and synopsis|Spoliers| What’s it about?

The storyline of Forever follows Dr. Henry Morgan who is a medical examiner living in New York City. Henry carries a secret of being immortal and examines the dead bodies not only for criminal reasons but also to unravel the paradox of his immortal existence.

About 200 years ago Henry faced his first death during the African slave trade when he aboard a ship as their doctor. While trying to help a slave, Henry was told by one of the ship’s frustrated holders to stop treating the slave discerning it as a waste of time. However, Henry doesn’t pay heed to his say and continues to treat the slave and thus was shot and thrown overboard.

Every time, Henry dies he almost instantly vanishes and returns to life naked in a close-by water reservoir with only the scar of his original gunshot that he endured a long time back.

His long life has benefited him with extensive knowledge and notable observation skills which comes in handy and successfully manages to woo and impress almost every person he crosses path with which also includes New York Police Department Detective, Jo Martinez.

The only person who is aware of Henry’s immortality is antiquarian Abe who was adopted by Henry and his now-deceased wife, Abigail when he was an infant.

On the other hand, Henry is tailed by Adam who claims that he has been existing on earth for over 2000 years.

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Frequently asked questions

A. How many episodes are there in Forever?

Forever has released only one season as of now which consists of twenty-two episodes. Each episode has a runtime of around forty-two minutes.

B. Where can we watch all the seasons Forever?

The series first season can be easily streamed on The CW’s free network, CW Seed.

C. Why did ABC canceled Forever Season 2?

ABC stated the reason behind canceling Forever Season 2 being it’s gradually decreasing viewers.

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