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Degrassi Season 15: Renewed by Netflix?: Latest Updates Release date, cast, plot

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Will Degrassi season 15 be possible? Is Degrassi season 15 is renewed or canceled?

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If you are a fan of “Degrassi” also known as Degrassi: The Next Generation, and want to know about its new season Degrassi season 15. then you are in right place.

As everybody knows that Degrassi is a Canadian series. The series was first premiered by the on Family(Canada) on January 4, 2016, and was released internationally on January 14, 2016, on Netflix.

After the completion of fourteen seasons of the series, fans were looking forward to the Degrassi season 15 , but unfortunately, the Canadian networks had canceled the series Degrassi after its fourteen seasons.

So, let us together find out whether the series Degrassi will return with its another season in 2021 or Degrassi has ended?

But before that let us find out is Degrassi?


degrassi season 15

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For those who had not heard about the Degrassi, Degrassi is a Canadian teen drama series. The series was created by Yan Moor and Linda Schuyler.

The series consists of 14 seasons and 385 episodes. The series was first premiered by the Family (Canada) on January 4, 2016, and internationally on Netflix on January 15, 2016.

However, there are also some other networks where Degrassi has been released such as CTV, MuchMusic, and MTV Canada.

Degrassi is a teen drama that follows the lives of the students from Degrassi Community School, a fictional high school in Toronto.

I could tell you the whole storyline of Degrassi but then it would be a spoiler for you. So, if you want to know the whole storyline of Degrassi then go and watch the series Degrassi on Netflix.


degrassi season 15

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Until yet there are 14 seasons and 385 episodes of the series Degrassi. The first season was premiered in Canada on CTV in 2001 and after that, the series was picked by the Netflix network in the US and distributed worldwide in over 140 territories.

And after the successful completion of the 14th season, Netflix has canceled the series. I know it is a piece of heartbreaking news for the fans of Degrassi.

So, let us find out whether the Degrassi is over or Netflix will renew the Degrassi with its another season.


dergassi season 15
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For any show or series, its casts and characters are very important elements, as they play a vital role in the popularity of the show.

Main casts and characters of the Degrassi:

  • Tiny Bell played by Richard Walters.
  • Grace Cardinal played by Nikki Gould.
  • Winston Chu played by Andre Kim.
  • Jonah Haak is played by Ehren Kassam.
  • Miles Hollingsworth III played by Eric Osborne.
  • Maya Matlin played by Olivia Scriven.
  • Tristan Milligan played by Lyle Lettau.
  • Goldi Nahir is played by Soma Bhatia.
  • Zig Novak played by Ricardo Hoyos.
  • Zoe Rivas is played by Ana Golja.
  • Esme Song played by Chelsea Clark.


degrassi season 15

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As you all know that the Netflix premiered the Canadian show Degrassi with the name Degrassi: Next Class. Up until Netflix has premiered the Degrassi season 14 with the name Degrassi: Next Class season 4.  

After the completion of Degrassi: Next Class season 4, there was news that the series has been canceled by Netflix.

It has been almost four years since the last season of Degrassi: Next Class last premiered with season 4. It was premiered on July 7th, 2017, and since then fans, where are to, knows about the status of the show.

According to Hollywood reporters and other sources, the Canadian series Degrassi has been canceled by Netflix.

The news was confirmed on March 2019, when Stefan Borgren has posted a post on his social media with a caption:

Working on a new director’s reel right now and I’m lost watching #DegrassiNextClass. Damn it’s so good!. Ended soon.

However, the official Degrassi website has yet to be updated to reflect the fact the series has now been canceled.


degrassi season 15

As of now, everybody has known that there will be no Degrassi: Next Class season 5 on Netflix. As the show has not been renewed, so there is no trailer for the show.

But if you find any trailer related to Degrassi: Next Class season 5 online then it must be fan-made, as there is no official trailer out for the Degrassi: Next Class season 5.

But, as Netflix has not officially announced the cancelation of the show Degrassi: Next Class, so if someday Netflix changes its mind and renews the Degrassi: Next Class season 5, then we will get to watch its trailer one month before the premiere of the show.

So, until now there is neither Degrassi: Next Class season 5 nor its trailer. 

So, for now, hope for the best as no one knows what is going to happen in the future. Also if you haven’t watched Degrassi: Next Class then you can watch it on Netflix and now it is also available on Amazon Prime Video.


Degrassi: Next Class is one of the best and amazing teen drama television series on Netflix. It is also one of the best Canadian shows on Netflix.

It has also gained lots of popularity and also made a huge fan base and also holds a huge viewership.

It also got a great response from the audience and the critics and also got a very good rating from the TV series networks.

IMDb has ratted Degrassi: Next Class 7.4 out of 10 over its 50, 000 voters. However, Rotten Tomatoes has ratted Degrassi: Next Class very low just 27%.

Despite this the show was popular.


So, now we had come to the end of the article, so I must say that the show Degrassi: Next Class is an amazing show on Netflix.

It is a very nice teen drama, also its casts and characters are amazing. So, if you are searching for any teen drama with some comedy effects then you can go for Degrassi: Next Class.

It consists of four seasons and all seasons are very good and interesting, and if you want to watch it then you can watch it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or on CTV.

But unfortunately, we will not get to watch any more seasons of Degrassi: Next Class. However, the official website has not done any announcement on the cancelation of the show, so it can be that show can return with its season 5 someday.

And until then stay tuned to know more about the Netflix series.


Can kids watch Degrassi?

Realistic, but not appropriate for children under 13.

Who owns the dot Degrassi?




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