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Painter of the Night Chapter 77:[Leaks] Release Date, characters, Spoilers, Recap and Interesting Updates.

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Painter of the Night Chapter 76 has, unfortunately, put an end to the second season of the well-received webtoon. But it comes with another sad news since the author will be taking a few month’s breaks following the issue of the awaited Painter of the Night Chapter 77. Read below to know all about the anticipated forthcoming chapter of Painter of the Right:

Painter of the Night Chapter 77

About: Painter of the Right

Painter of the Night is an ongoing Korean manhwa series written and illustrated by Byeonduck and published under the name of Lezhin Comics.

The BL i.e. boys love, comic series released their first-ever chapter on 14th May 2019 with the first season consisting of 44 chapters while the second season began its course this year on 24th July.

The story takes place in past Korea in the time of the Goryeo or Joseon period where Hanyang existed and was the capital of Joseon Kingdom (former name of Seoul).

However, the manga series centers around two men namely Yoon Seungho and Baek Na-kyum. Yoon Seungho is a nobleman as well as the eldest son of the reputed Yoon family. On the other hand, Baek Na-kyum is a young and exceptionally talented painter who creates erotic themed art mainly of men. Regardless, a day comes when Baek Na-kyum chooses to quit painting but Yoon Seungho had already discovered his art and is intrigued by it so he presses Baek Na-kyum to again start painting. Nefarious for his voracious lust, Yoon Seungho also forces Baek Na-kyum to become his private painter. But the endless nights that Baek Na-kyum begrudgingly embarks on is something he couldn’t have ever discerned.

Painter of the Night Chapter 77

Painter of the Night Chapter 77: Release Date

According to the statement released by the manga’s author Byeonduck Painter of the Night Chapter 77 is slated to be published on 27th August 2021.

The last chapter of Painter of the Night was released on 16th April 2021 and since its issue fans are anticipating Painter of the Night Chapter 77 and ever since the reveal of its release date avid fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the forthcoming issue.

However, the release of Painter of the Night Chapter 77 will somewhat be bittersweet for the readers since the manga’s author has already announced that he would be taking a break after its release. The writer stated in the issue of Painter of the Night Chapter 76.5 and said that he would be on a four-month hiatus.

The writer has stated the reason for this sudden action is due to his deadlines which are apparently being brutal on him and affecting his mental health.

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Painter of the Night Chapter 77: Cast and Characters

Painter of the Night has an immense amount of characters in the series. However, as of now, we are not certain which character will appear in the upcoming Painter of the Night Chapter 77. But we know that our main characters, Yoon Seungh and Baek Na-Kyum will certainly be in the center of the drama that will occur in Painter of the Night Chapter 77.

Regardless, of that, we can certainly take a look back at primary characters that featured in the prior chapters of Painter of the Night which includes:

  • Yoon Seungh, main protagonist as well as the eldest son of a noble family.
  • Baek Na-Kyum, the main protagonist who has the talent to draw erotic paintings
  • Lee Jihwa, one of the subjects in Baek Na-Kyum paintings
  • Jung In-Hu, a poet that Yoon Seungh obtains to monitor Baek Na-Kyum
  • Seung-won, Yoon Seungh’s younger brother
  • Deok-Jae, a servant who is jealous of Baek Na-Kyum
  • Mumyeong or No-Name, the assassin.
  • Min, has Yoon Seungh’s support
  • Helena, Baek Na-Kyum’s adopted noona (elder sister)

Painter of the Night Chapter 77

Painter of the Night Chapter 77: Plot and Storyline|Spoilers| Recap of chapter 76

As of now, Painter of the Night’s author Byeonduck has stated any spoiler regarding the forthcoming Painter of the Night Chapter 77 except for them its releasing date. Along with it, no latest news, updates, or leaks have been shared by the webtoon’s community members as well. So we don’t know for certain what to expect in Painter of the Night Chapter 77.

In the prior chapter of  Painter of the night we have seen villagers searching for No-Name however bows down when Yoon Seungh arrives.

Yoon Seungh also sees Baek Na-Kyum shaking and quivering on the ground. Baek Na-Kyum mistakes him for somebody else and warns him to step back. However, once Yoon Seungh informs him about his presence Baek Na-Kyum calms down and hugs him. We also witness No-Name, Lee Jihwa, along with Min conducting a meeting to discuss their further plan.

In the next scene, it is shown Baek Na-Kyum slitting on Yoon Seungh’s lap as he tries to calm a terrified Na-Kyum. The chapter however ends with the duo listening to a certain kind of music while Na-Kyum visibly relaxes on Yoon Seungh’s lap.

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Frequently asked questions

A. Where can we read Painter of the Night Chapter 77 online?

Painter of the Night Chapter 77 can be read on Lezhin comics. You can also read all the prior chapters of the webtoon as well. However, you may have to unlock most of the chapters with coins since they are locked.

B. In what languages in Painter of the Night are available?

All chapters of Painter of the Night can easily be accessed in three languages. While the webtoon is written in Korean it has also been translated into English for international readers as well as Spanish.

C. Who can read the webtoon Painter of the Night?

Painter of the Night manhwa is purely age-restricted and people under the age of 18 are strictly restricted to not read the manga series as it contains certain mature content.

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