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The King’s Avatar season 3: Release Date, Characters, Plot and Interesting Updates.

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Following the release of two successive seasons, fans are waiting for The King’s Avatar season 3. Is it happening anytime soon? Find it out all here.

The King's Avatar season 3

About: The King’s Avatar

The King’s Avatar is a Chinese donghua OVA anime television series that is an adaptation of writer Hu Die lan’s web novel of a corresponding name.

The anime television series has been directed by Ke Xiong and written by Sha Liang. Tencent Penguin Pictures, Linmon Pictures, and Phoenix Entertainment were behind the production of the anime series.

The series illustrates a fictional esports setting in China and follows the story of a professional player, Ye Xiu, and the adventures he embarks on following Glory which is a popular multiplayer online video game.

The King’s Avatar received outstanding reception and feedback from both the viewers as well as the critics alike. The show was so good that their episodes have managed to garner views in thousands even some episodes reaching the million mark. Presently, the anime television show has managed to earn about ten million views globally through their network platform WebTV and YouTube.

The series acclaim doesn’t end here, as The King’s Avatar was widely appreciated and even won several awards for its fresh plotline of esports and youth.

The adventure drama, received many awards at the ceremony of the 15th Chinese American Film Festival such as for the best series while Yang Xiaopei won the award for best producer and Jiang Shuying was awarded as the best actress.

The show also won a gold award at the 14th China Animation Golden Dragon Award for the Best Serial Animation Award and even won a bronze award in the same category at the 16th China Animation Golden Dragon Award.

The series continues to win awards and earned the Best Animation at the Canada China International Film Festival ceremony.

The King’s Avatar was also awarded the Best Drama award at the award ceremony of the China Entertainment Industry Summit.

The series even received two awards at the 20th China Video Awards under the Hot Drama of the Year category along with the Top Ten Web Series award. The series was further nominated at the Golden Bud ceremony: The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival.

The King's Avatar season 3

The King’s Avatar Season 3: Release Date

The King’s Avatar debuted with the pilot episode of their first season on 7th April 2017 and concluded with their finale episode on 16th June 2017. The second season of the series had been anticipated by fans for quite a while and after their long wait, the second season finally dropped on 27th September 2020.

Both the seasons of The King’s Avatar were live-streamed and telecasted on the official YouTube channel of Tencent Video.

Between the premiere of two seasons, The King’s Avatar also dropped three special OVA episodes from 27th April 2018 and concluded through their third episode on 11th May 2018.

The first few episodes of The King’s Avatar second season received outstanding ratings and views from the audience with the view stat of each episode ranging between 600,000 and 1 million views.

However, the ratings of the second season took a sudden dive when the sixth episode of the season was released and the viewing stat gradually started declining.

Some of the final episodes of the second season went as far as being viewed by only three hundred thousand viewers which are considered a low rating.

The possibility of new episodes of The King’s Avatar Season 3 depends entirely on the viewership stat and the money the series earned in its last season. Considering the ratings and views of The King’s Avatar’s second season the likelihood of the production of The King’s Avatar season 3 doesn’t seem quite likely.

With the pretty noticeable decline of The King’s Avatar’s second season regarding its views currently we are uncertain about the development of The King’s Avatar season 3.

Regardless, rumors have started floating around the internet that the work on The King’s Avatar season 3 has already begun and probably is still in the early development stage.

But with no official announcement released by Tencent’s we can’t say for sure whether these theories have any truth to them.

Pondering over the past schedules of both seasons of the series, we can expect The King’s Avatar season 3 to air in April 2022.

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The King's Avatar season 3

The King’s Avatar season 3: Cast and Characters

As of now, no statement has been made by the series animation studio regarding the characters to feature in The King’s Avatar season 3. So we can’t say for certain which original voice actor will return for the anime television series third installment. Regardless if the third season does happen then we are likely to see the main characters of the show appear in the show:

  • Ye Xiu voicing as Zhang Jiu
  • Chen Guo voicing as Ji Guanlin
  • Su Muchheng voicing as Tong Xinzhu
  • Tang Rou voicing as Qiao Shiyu
  • Bao Rongxing voicing as Teng Xin
  • Luo Jie voicing as Zhang Bohengo
  • Qiao Yifan voicing as Su Shangqing
  • Han Wenqing voicing as Song Ming

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Frequently asked questions

A. How many episodes are there in The King’s Avatar?

The King’s Avatar has released two seasons with both seasons comprising of twelve episodes. Between both seasons an OVA special episode was also premiered which consisted of three episodes.

B. Where can we watch all the seasons of The King’s Avatar?

Both the seasons as well the OVA episodes of The King’s Avatar can be easily streamed on the international streaming network, Netflix. You can even watch it for free on Tencent’s official YouTube channel.

C. Is the trailer of The King’s Avatar Season 3 released yet?

Unfortunately, no trailer has been dropped by the production studio for The King’s Avatar season 3.

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