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The Thinning 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast Updates 2021 [Confirmed?]

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Do you enjoy seeing films set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world? Then you should read The Thinning trilogy, which is set in a dystopian society where the population is growing but resources are running out. To deal with this, the Texas government devises a solution: population reduction. Logan Paul and Peyton List play the lead roles in the series.

The Thinning 3
Logan Paul

Viewers have been enormous fans of the film series since the first chapter was released in theatres in 2012. The fans are now eagerly anticipating The Thinning 3. Will there be a The The Thinning 3? Is there any release date for The Thinning 3? What will e the plot for The Thinning 3? Find out all your answers to The Thinning 3 here.

The plot of The Thinning

The tale revolves around the character of Blake Redding, who is performed by Logan. Ellie was the girl he was dating. Ellie failed the test because she was preoccupied with her love for Blake. Even though Blake begged his father to save her, he was powerless to do anything. Blake has kept his distance from his father ever then. Later on, we witness Blake purposefully failing to prove his father wrong. As a result, his grades were swapped with Laina’s. She was found guilty and sentenced to death. She also managed to flee and learn about the mark shuffling. She made the public aware of everyone’s actual marks. The real failing now is to die with Blake among them.


The Thinning 3

The failures, it is revealed, do not die; instead, they work for the test corporation ‘Assuru.’ There, Blake reconnected with Ellie. The storey, however, does not have a pleasant ending. The couple, as well as the general public, had to deal with Thinning’s secrets. The government seeks to repress freedom after the truth is revealed to maintain power. In the end, though, we see Jack from the FBI arrives to assist the public. The storey is unfinished, and it is left on a note that things must be put right.

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The plot of The Thinning 2

The Thinning New World Order launched in 2018 following the publication of the first half. It tells the storey of Laina Michaels (Peyton List), who infiltrates the presidential campaign.

The Thinning 3

In addition, Blake Redding (Logan Paul) is adjusting to his new life with underachievers and a mock execution. He tries to reconcile with Laina and find a way out while incarcerated in the hidden underground labour camp.

The Thinning 3: Release Date

Logan Paul has been embroiled in conflicts with Youtube since the release of the thinning 2. The 2018 scandal had such an impact that Logans’ account was disabled by the video streaming service. This affected his subscriber base and viewership. Logan, on the other hand, has gone a long way since the 2018 debacle. The Thinning 3 is expected to be released this year, according to certain reports. However, no official announcement has been made about The Thinning 3.

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The Thinning 3 Cast

After all of the back and forth between Logan and YouTube, it’s possible that he won’t be in The Thinning 3. Logan played the famous Blake Redding, but if the reports are true, fans of the programme will miss him. There have been no official announcements concerning the show’s cast. The cast from The Thinning two, on the other hand, is expected to return. If this is correct, Peyton List will play Laina Michaels, Calum Worthy will play Kellan Woods, Lia Marie Johnson will play Ellie Harper, Matthew Glaves will play Dean Redding, Michael Traynor will play Mason King, and Aria Leabu will play Corrine Michaels.

The Thinning 3 Plot

With the release of The Thinning 3 surrounded by doubt, the plot for the sequel has remained a mystery. Blake, played by Logan, was fighting his father over the test in the film’s final instalments. Ellie Harper and he fall in love, and neither of them studies for the exam. Blake, on the other hand, passes the examinations while Ellie fails. Blake is shown attempting to persuade his father to save Ellie’s life, but he refuses. Blake fails the final exam on purpose to test his father’s allegiance. Blake’s report is exchanged with Laina’s, who is a genius. Laina discovers the score altering fraud and the wrongful deaths of many students in the adventures series.  Blake is seen attempting to save Laina and the other failing students, but he ends himself trapped in a massive elevator. When Blake wakes up after taking a sleeping pill, he notices a blonde female working, who turns out to be Ellie. The thing: New World Order was announced for release in 2018, and Paul premiered it on October 17.

The Thinning 3 is likely to follow a similar plot and find out what experiences Blake has in store for him next.


Logan’s acting skills are impressive, yet his humanity is questioned. He did become one of the most well-known YouTubers. But his cruel behaviour ruined everything all at once. Logan and his pals were filming in a Japanese forest when they discovered the body hanging from a tree. Logan decided to make a video about the situation for his YouTube viewers. Even as they approached the hanging body, he was shooting the entire thing. He continued to chuckle, bringing his infamous wit and weird sense of humour to the film. Regardless of how amusing the subject is, humanity always comes first. For example, the video went viral and was widely panned around the world.


Furthermore, Youtube has resolved not to remain silent in the face of such inhumane acts. It has severed all relations with the actor, as well as the series’ Foursome.’ Due to the inappropriate behaviour, The Thinning: New World Order was also put on hold for release. However, Youtube later chose to post it to recognise the hard work of other cast and crew members.

As a result, it appears that Youtube will not put itself in jeopardy by casting Logan Paul again. We believe that The Thinning 3 will never be released on the internet since the chances are nil. Logan apologised for his mistake, but he appeared a lot less concerned about the mayhem he had created. What has been done, however, cannot be undone. Logan will be remembered for his detrimental impact on the platform and viewers for the rest of his life. We don’t expect an influencer to behave in the same way.

Did you get enough information about The Thinning 3? Would you like to read more about The Thinning 3? Did I miss out on anything about The Thinning 3? Comment below and let us know.


Q- When did The Thinning release?

Ans- October 12, 2016

Q- When did The Thinning 2 release?

Ans- October 17, 2018.

Q- When will The Thinning 3 be released?

Ans- It is not certain that The Thinning 3 will be released at all so there is no date.

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