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Martie Allen – Wiki, Age, Family and Much More! Check out the Current updates on this famous personality.

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If you are not familiar with the famous lesbian couple – Kris McNichol and Martie Allen, then let us introduce you to them. You must be familiar with the well-known actress and singer Kristy McNichol who appeared on the TV show Household as Buddy. But who is her spouse? Keep reading to find out all the details about the couple!

Martie Allen

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Introduction to Martie Allen

Martie Allen is currently 61 years old as she was born on 1st January 1960 which makes her a Capricorn. Her exact place of birth is unknown but we know that she was born in the USA and has American citizenship. She is famously known as the wife of the famous singer, actress, and comedian Kristy McNichol.

Despite constantly being in the public eye due to the fame Kristy has received over the past few years, the couple has managed to keep their personal life very private and hidden from the media.

Due to this reason, we have very limited information about the professional or personal life of Martie Allen. There is little to no information about her family or educational background.

But we do know that she had the same ambitions as her wife. That means, she had tried to enter the filming and entertainment industry but could not be successful. She is a former TV personality but her current profession is still unknown.

On the other hand, Christina or commonly known as Kristy McNichol started gathering fame in her teenage years. She became quite famous for the role of Letitia Buddy Lawrence in the TV show Household in 1976.

She also won Emmy awards for her performance in this series. Later, in 1980 she got herself a role in a film titled ‘Little Darlings’ which left a great impression on the audience and became many people’s favorite. Recently, it was also rumored that the ‘Little Darlings’ reboot is in the planning.

Martie Allen

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol

The LGBTQ+ community has faced a lot of hardships in the past years and they still are. This topic was generally considered taboo in many areas. Among these hard times, Kristy was under immense pressure when questions started raising on her sexuality.

There was a time that she began having several mental breakdowns and decided to quit acting in 2001 to save her relationship with Martie Allen. At last, in 2012 she proudly revealed that she is a lesbian.

She thought it was necessary to come out to everyone so the youth does not have to get bullied for their sexuality and they can be comfortable in accepting who they are.

At first, there was no news about Martie Allen but eventually, the media found about their relationship and the couple announced their marriage. They revealed that they have been dating since the 90s. Kristy was born in 1962 which means Martie is 2 years older than her.

There is no information about their offspring yet, but the couple resides in Los Angeles and enjoys doing Yoga or playing tennis. They have been teaching in a private school and running a charity for kids. They do not like being in the limelight and prefer to keep things low-key.

If we estimate the combined net worth of the couple, then it would be around $7 Million of which $1.7 Million is of Martie Allen alone.

Martie Allen

Latest Updates on Martie Allen

Both of them do not use social media which makes it even more difficult to collect information about them. Although it is confirmed that the couple is currently in Los Angeles and focusing on their businesses and charity, there is no sight of them as COVID-19 has forced everyone to lock themselves in their homes.

Both of them love to travel but could not do so due to the pandemic. Hope we get to see more of them on the screens in the future.

Were you able to find the information you were looking for? If we missed something, let us know in the comment section down below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kristy McNichol still married to Martie Allen?

Who is Kristy McNichol married to? Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol have been in a relationship since 1991. The lesbian couple exchange marriage vows after dating a few years.


Is Kristy McNichol single?

After her retirement, McNichol taught acting at a private school in Los Angeles and devoted much of her time to charity work. In 2012, McNichol ended years of speculation when she revealed that she is a lesbian and has lived with her partner Martie Allen since the early 1990s.


Did Leif Garrett and Kristy McNichol date?

Personal life. Garrett and actress Nicollette Sheridan dated on and off for five years until 1985. Garrett also dated celebrities such as his former Family co-star Kristy McNichol, Tatum O’Neal, and Justine Bateman. … In October 2001, Garrett was in a personal bankruptcy proceeding in a federal court in Los Angeles.


How did Kristy McNichol meet Martie Allen?

She Has Been Dating Martie Allen For More Than Three Decades
Eleven years after she quit acting, Kristy McNichol finally came out to the world as a lesbian in 2012. They met each other as Martie Allen was trying to establish herself in the acting industry as well.

Why did Kristy leave Empty Nest?

Kristy McNichol fans can give up waiting for her return to Empty Nest. When she took leave from the sitcom last year because of her bipolar (manic-depressive) condition, it was with the understanding that her role would be waiting for her.


Who is Kristy McNichol’s dad?

Kristy McNichol was born Christina Ann McNichol, on September 11, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, to Carolyn and Jim McNichol. She grew up with her two brothers, Jimmy and Thomas. Jimmy also became a famous child actor and was once hailed as a teen idol. However, when Kristy was 3 years old, her parents divorced.


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