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Amber Scholl and her rise of fame as a YouTuber! Luxurious life on budget? Check this out!

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Amber Scholl

Amber Scholl and her career as a YouTuber. How did she get viral?

YouTube has become one of the important sources of income for many people in recent years and a new category of YouTubers has been added to the dictionary after many content creators shifted to this platform to entertain their audience after Vine shut down.


One of these content creators was Amber Scholl who started her journey as a YouTuber in October 2011 to describe her experience of interviewing renowned celebrities but did not gain much attention until 2016.

In 2016, she uploaded a video about DIY Marble Flooring and that went viral! She gained thousands of subscribers in comparatively a short amount of time on her YouTube channel as well as on her other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter which is @amberscholl.

After her graduation, she wanted to pursue her passion in the entertainment industry but it was hard for her to find jobs in Los Angeles. As she was a Broadcast student, she dreamt of being a newscaster.

Fame was not handed to her, she worked hard to earn it. During her student years, she did internships at various entertainment and production houses and worked as a social media manager at Oceanup.com.

She worked in a blog called “All Women Talk”, she worked in Postmates but lost her job after she crashed her car. She was also the star host at the WMTV. After failing at various efforts of earning money in LA, she was out of money at one point and lost her hope.

But her viral video drew attention to her YouTube channel and she started focusing on making content. She began sharing numerous interesting tips & tricks on living a luxurious life on a budget. The audience loved her ideas and how she made use of old and small things uniquely.

Amber Scholl

Early Life of Amber Scholl

As of 2021, Amber Scholl is 28 years old as she was born on 13th August 1993 in Los Angeles. The information of her family has been kept private but we know that she has Russian, Polish, German, and Irish ancestry and she has 2 sisters – Alyssa and Angela but she is the eldest amongst them.

She went to Desert Mountain High School and graduated from Pepperdine University in Broadcast Journalism. She loves art & Craft as seen from her channel but she was also into sports during her school time.

She participated in various beauty pageants and have won the title of Miss Arizona Teen in 2010. Moreover, she was extremely interested in figure skating in school and participated in different championships. She won a regional champion medal in ice skating in school.

She was originally based in Los Angeles and was described as a lively and optimistic person. She has been artistic from a young age and loves to share her DIY methods with her audience. She loved ice skating and was a cheerleader in high school which shows she was also interested in sports.

She also talked about her mental and financial struggles in this industry in a podcast to encourage people not to give up on their dreams. She is also a registered actress by SAG-AFTRA since 2004.

What is the current status of Amber Scholl?

Amber Scholl

After investing all of her time in growing her YouTube channel, she is at a point where she has over 3.46 million subscribers. She also has over 925K followers on Instagram.

As she has been in this industry for a long time and has a lot of experience in journalism as well, her calculated net worth is over USD 1.49 Million.

Currently, Amber Scholl is not in a relationship with anybody and focusing on herself and her career right now. Although, rumors were going around that she is dating Colby Brock after they did a video together and is very active on Instagram.

She does jokingly calls all of her guy’s friends her ‘boyfriends’ which might be confusing but her fans always play along and adore their friendships.

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She has been recently doing videos on various outfit inspirations and did a House Tour with her newly bought house. The fans were very happy for her and congratulated her on this big news!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Amber Scholl do for a living?

Amber Scholl is an American-born fashion influencer and DIY guru. She is famous for her series known as Broke Girl Hacks on her YouTube channel. Her channel covers home decor and celebrity fashion.


Are Amber Scholl and Colby Brock dating?

One such rumor is that Colby is dating a fellow YouTuber Amber Scholl. Amber is 26 years old American YouTuber, and her name was connected to Colby after she posted a video on her official Instagram Channel. … As of now, Colby Brock is not dating anyone, and he is single.


What ethnicity is Amber Scholl?

Amber Brittany Scholl was born on August 13, 1993, in Los Angeles, California. Her parents have been happily married for nearly three decades now. She is the eldest of three daughters and has two sisters named Alyssa and Angela. She has Russian, German, Irish, and Polish ancestry.


Why is Amber Scholl famous?

Amber Scholl wiki got famous after her DIY budgeted videos. She got 10,000 followers on her channel in less than 48 hours after her “how to make cheap clothes look expensive’ video went viral. She has also been into the news for her crazy DIY videos. She also started her merch website.


What college did Amber Scholl go to?

Pepperdine University

When Amber graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu she had dreams of becoming the biggest entertainment reporter in the world, the female Ryan Seacrest.


For more info:

Take a look at the latest video on Amber Scholl’s YouTube Channel here.

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