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How old is TwoMad, 10 popularly asked question’s shocking answer

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Description of Twomad including the details of how old is twomad

How old is twomad

Two mad was born in a North American nation on Dec seventeen, 2000. Overwatch and Fortnite gamer and live streamer United Nations agency gained his largest following on YouTube with one million subscribers.
He became renowned for taking part in each Overwatch and Fortnite like Muselk.

He started his career on YouTube with a video referred to as “WHEN TORBJORN liquified CORES” in Sept of 2016. It featured gameplay from Overwatch. This is the brief description you should know about except how old is twomad.

Introduction of Twomad with the information of how old is twomad

On fashionable Bio, he’s one of the productive YouTube Stars. He has hierarchic on the list of these famed people that were born on Dec seventeen, 2000.

He’s one among the Richest YouTube Stars United Nations agency was born in the North American nation. He additionally incorporates a position among the list of most fashionable hottest most well-liked preferred most well-liked YouTube Stars. Two mad is one of the famed folks in our information with the age of eighteen years previous.

Two Mad could be a fashionable Ethiopian-Canadian YouTuber. His videos revolve around diversion, skits, and comments.

He has reviewed painting video games like Fortnite and Overwatch and fantastic story times’ content like Discord. The YouTuber incorporates a huge following on his 3 channels.

So, how old is TwoMad?

The star is in his early 20s as per the gained information of how old is twomad.
Twitter illegal him in 2019. His supporters urged him to maneuver to different platforms. The YouTuber is on Instagram with 66k followers, and his Twitter page is presently active.

Fans square measure questioning however he bypassed the ban.

So, why did Twitter kick him out, this is what fans want to know apart from knowing how old is TwoMad?

Twomad’s life history and how old is TwoMad?
The 20-year-old YouTuber was born on seventeenth Dec 2000 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Two Mad’s real name is Muudea Sedik.

How old is twomad

What race is TwoMad?

He belongs to a mixed race. Sedik’s family hails from Abyssinia, which makes the

Two Mad got famous for what, question is asked several times apart from asking how old is TwoMad?


He was on Twitch before transitioning to YouTube. The TwoMad channel is for diversion and review skits. In Sept of 2016, he featured the Overwatch computer game in his once Torbjorn liquified Cores video.

This became his initial microorganism video, and additional of his videos started trending subsequently. TwoMad’s acculturation The YouTuber blew the net attributable to TwoMad’s goodnight woman microorganism acculturation.

He accidentally born off the chair at the tip of the My life’s biggest bruh moments live stream when saying;
Fans emended the video and turned it into acculturation that went microorganism nationwide in no time. What fascinated them most was that Sedik unbroken the girl’s identity a secret.

Twomad’s love life has come out with the inquiry of how old is twomad?

According to our records, Twomad is probably single & has not been antecedently engaged.

As of June 2021, Twomad’s isn’t geological dating anyone.
Two mad keeps his personal and sex personal. Check back usually as we’ll still update this page with new relationship details.

Let’s take a glance at Twomad’s past relationships, ex-girlfriends, and former hookups. Two mad prefers to not tell the small print of legal status & divorce.

Dating is to explain a stage during a person’s life once he or she is actively following romantic relationships with totally different folks.

If 2 unmated celebrities square measure seen publically along, they’re usually delineated as “dating” which implies they were seen publically along, and it’s not clear whether or not they square measure just friends, exploring a additional intimate relationship, or square measure romantically concerned.

The celebrity’s sex has continually been personal.
The eight-month-old third channel already has 275K subscribers and over one.2 million views.

Will TwoMad stream on Twitch?

His Twitch account continues to be active although he stopped streaming thereon. He feared the location would ban his content anytime.

How old is twomad

Why did TwoMad get illegal on Twitter?

In Gregorian calendar month 2019, Twitter for good illegal Sedik as a result of the desecrated its rules.

Speculations had it that the YouTuber went on a video chat on Omegle whereas live streaming on Twitter. Omegle could be a website for obscene content. TwoMad’s Twitter account is presently active.

The seventh February 2021’s tweet proves that he’s back on the platform. He wrote at 8:44 am;
Gunshots at Sedik’s premises Loud bangs interrupted his live stream chat. He freaked out, departure fans questioning,

“What happened to TwoMad?”

The YouTuber explained that some folks were shooting at his house and destroying the window panes with toy guns
He additionally retrieved CCTV footage of a alien attempting to steal his bike and showed it to the fans on the live stream.

Yankee celebrities cautioned one another against revealing their homes to the general public.

TwoMad’s income

We price the definitely worth the celebrity makes plenty of cash from YouTube as a result of his web worth is around $402,000 as of 2021. You’ll get TwoMad’s merchandise on Amazon, Redbubble, and TeeSpring. Moreover, have some fun downloading and piece of writing his face and Minecraft skin photos.

The celebrity usually makes funny facial expressions that crack up his followers. Everything Sedik will on social media comes out funny. Fans notice it arduous to differentiate once he’s jocular and high. The celebrity is gaining additional fame worldwide.

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The YouTuber’s fans can not raise, “how old is TwoMad?”

Some square measure delighted together with his come to Twitter, whereas others feel indifferent regarding it as long as he serves them refreshing content.

Brief life outline of
Two mad answering all the answers including the question how old is twomad?



most popular



December seventeen, 2000 (age 20)



About two mad

Overwatch and Fortnite gamer and live streamer United Nations agency gained his largest following on YouTube with a pair of million subscribers.

How old is twomad

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Before Fame

He started his career on YouTube with a video referred to as “WHEN TORBJORN liquified CORES” in Sept of 2016. It featured gameplay from Overwatch.


The avatar he selected to use on Twitch was a gaige helmet from Borderlands a pair of . The primary computer game he loved was Halo.

Family Life

He was born in Winnipeg, Canada. He incorporates a younger brother.

Associated With

He became renowned for taking part in each Overwatch and Fortnite like Muselk.

Age, Height & Body Measurements of TwoMad

To answer the wide asked question of how old is twomad, it is confirmed that Twomad’s current age is eighteen years old. Twomad’s height Unknown & weight Not out there right. Full body measurements, dress & shoe size are updated before long. We have no records of past relationships for Twomad. You’ll facilitate the USA to create the geological dating records for Twomad!

Facts & triviality

Two mad hierarchic on the list of the most well-liked YouTube Stars. Additionally hierarchic within the elite list of famed celebrities born in North American nation. He started his career on YouTube with a video referred to as “WHEN TORBJORN liquified CORES” in Sept of 2016. It featured gameplay from Overwatch.

Q.1 How did TwoMad get famous?

He started his career on YouTube with a video called “WHEN TORBJORN MOLTEN CORES” in September of 2016. It featured gameplay from Overwatch.

Q. 2 Why is Twomad banned?

Exactly why he got banned is still unknown but several users on Twitter thought it could be because two mad went onto video chat site Omegle while streaming. Omegle isn’t mentioned specifically in the Twitch TOS, but the site’s random video chat is notorious for obscene content, which definitely violates the rules.

Q. 3 What happened to Twomad?

Popular YouTube streamer ‘TwoMad’ was left stunned after his home was shot at during an April broadcast — but that isn’t the only madness he’s endured in the recent past, by far. … twomadx3, Instagram Popular YouTuber TwoMad was left shocked after his home was shot at by a group of people during an April Livestream.

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