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I’m Standing On A Million Lives Season 2 Episode 12 [Watch Online] Release date, time, what to expect

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I’m Standing On A Million Lives is an action, game, drama, dark fantasy anime television series. It is based on Japanese manga series written by Naoki Yamakawa and illustrated by Akinari Nao, has a total of 11 volumes. The latest season of the anime television series premiered in summer 2021. The previous was aired from October to December 2020.

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The anime television series is directed by Kumiko Habara, presented by Maho film. The opening theme song “anti-world” Is performed by Kanako Takatsuki while the ending theme song “Carpe diem” Is performed by Liu. The series is licensed to release in English by Kodansha USA in North America. I’m standing on a million lives season 2 episode 12 is awaited by the fans.

Release of I’m standing on a million lives season 2 episode 12

Episode 12 of the anime television series is all set to be released on Saturday 25 September 2021, at 12:30 AM. Those who have been watching the series from the start are very much impatient for the release of the 12th episode, everyone wants to know what’s gonna happen next in the series. Did they make it to the end or not. The 1st season of the season received so much love from the fans. The anime series is loved by fans they all were waiting for season 2. It’s a must-watch anime series.

After the 11 episodes of this series, It left me impatient to see what would come next in the series, instead of simply waiting to see where it was going. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for go on give it a try you won’t regret watching an anime series like that.

Action, drama, storytelling is so freaking amazing. Kudos to the director and writer of the series it will leave you in awe of wanting more. I haven’t come across a single person who hasn’t loved the series so it’s highly recommended.

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Brief Recap-

The game masters begin with episode 9 of season 2. This season is basically about Yotsuya, who formed a hero party to complete missions. In the recent episode, he meets an English girl Glen, who later becomes a member of the hero party. The game master has sent them to another mission, in which they have to save the people of the village from the wireworm which has infected a man of the village, once infected it’s cannot be reversed. So there is no way out other than killing that man, so he killed him.

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The people in the village were getting infected by a wireworm and it turns them into a human brain-eating monsters. The girl Iris too was affected by the same. She has eaten a guy’s brain but remained unsatisfied so she jumps onto Torri and strangled him and tries to eat his too but the hero party arrives and Yutsuya takes out his knife and kills Iris as that was the only way to save infection from spreading. The wireworm had become a threat to the villagers. The party realizes that they are losing people as the infection is turning them into monsters.

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i'm standing on a million lives
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I’m standing on a million lives season 2 episode 11

Episode 11 starts with the hero party Cremating Iris. There was no other way to stop the infection, that’s why Yotsuya ended up killing her, later he regrets it but that was the only way out. They talk about the monster that got onto Iris, the same monster that got Bayne, the human brain-eating monster. Some of the people are not feeling well as they have lost their iris. It was hard accepting that she is gone. That’s why they decided to go through the investigation as they cannot risk another life. They search for people who are ill and find that the symptoms are very similar to that of Jiffon island sufferers.

Tori is still disturbed by the thing with Iris, Shindou tries to comfort him. She told him that she knew how much Iris liked him (Tori) and they talked about how kindhearted she was. Shindou feels that it’s very unfair that they were sent to these places to suffer horribly, and she and everyone else is pretending to keep cool as nothing happened. She then gets energetic and wants the hero party to get out of this horrible place and she believes they can make it together. Shindou reminds tori of his lost brother. They all decided to move on and get themselves out of this horrible situation.

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They talk about finding the direction to the new Eden, Jezby adds that she remembers it’s in the east, past the thick forest. Yusuke says that if dragon Bishop is involved then they must proceed with extreme caution. And then there comes a group of monsters Tori, Shindou and Yusuke fight off the monster, and the rest of them takes people to some safe place. And then an old man comes who was washed away by wave 17 years ago and was rescued by lady Fatina. The old man was a sorcerer and lady Fatina’s student. Tori asks him if the dragon Bishop is dead, then the old man tells them that dragon Bishop is a group of people who wants to revive the dragon and as soon as that happens, humanity perish. The old man tells them about Zagroth

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Where to watch the anime television series

So are you in search of the television series online? or just developed interest after reading the article? Whatever the reason can be, we can tell you about the platform too. You can watch I’m Standing on a Million-Lives-Season 2 on Crunchyroll. The previous episodes of the season are also available on YouTube. And you can watch the previous season on Netflix.


Age rating of the television series

The series is for people above 16 years of age, not for children of course.


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