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Cop Craft season 2 Coming soon, Fans questions excitingly : When it is released and much more to know the new twist ?

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An interesting Japanese novel series ” Cop Craft ” is making curious to the fans regarding its release. It is scripted by Shoji Gatoh and engraved by Shoji Gatoh. It has a previous record for the completion of the bulk of six volumes since 2009 under their Gagaga Bunko stamp. Cop Crafter is a series adapted by Millepensee. It is an anime (computer animation) that aired from July 8 to September 30, 2019. Anime’s initial season was directed by Shin Itagaki while Millepensee was behind under the series.

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The fantasy was produced by Kazuhiro Kanemitsu, Hirofumi Ishii, Satoshi Fukao, alongside Keisuke Satou. It’s been a year since fans are asking for the publishing of an adventurous series “cop craft”. Cop craft is something more than fantasy!


The series is a leader by Shin Itagaki. This amusing fantasy is directed by Millepensee and scripted by Shoji Gatoh, Hiromi Kimura was the one who designed these wondrous characters for animation. Cop Craft’s thrilling music was composed by Taku Iwasaki.

Cop Craft season 2
Cop Craft season 2


Cop Craft is a Japanese series. The most fundamental concept of the cop craft is its thrilling script which reviews the story of a Grizzly cop and an innocent cute girl fighting a crime. This concept has offered all the thrilling dramatic police drama. It fully satisfies the need it. Every aspect of the series is making fans amaze. The well-penned script highlighting the strength of the cops boosts the viewers. There is a kind of antagonistic relationship between the characters. The flow of the episodes is proper.

Well, the first season of Cop Craft is available on amazon prime. Watch Cop Craft on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other websites. There are no such updates regarding the streaming of the second season of cop craft. But don’t worry!! keep in touch with us and we will soon let you know about the updates.

Now it’s streaming on Amazon Prime!!!


Cop craft is an amazing blend of action and fantasy. It’s a classical buddy cop story like men in black or rush hour but with a twist of monsters and fairies. Sounds eccentric right?
The story is based on a Japanese light novel series written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Range Murata.
The background of the story is about a mysterious gateway that had appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean fifteen years ago. This gateway connects another dimension to earth and this dimension is a world of fairies and monsters. Sooner than later both worlds start to merge.
Both the realms have people with dreams and people with a vengeance and criminal mentality. This is where the main characters of the series come into the light, Kie and Tilarna. Good chemistry always attracts the audience and Cop Craft has shown it better.

Cop Craft season 2
cop craft review

Kie’s character is presented as an old cop Who’s under pressure to accept the Malfeasance and who’s stuck in the dirty politics in his work.
And Tilarna is a young straightforward and courageous woman who never thinks twice before she jumps. She also is a Seminarian.
The relationship between these two is handled perfectly and how they come close to each other in the end. Their chemistry has a huge impact on the series and both of these characters are written very well. Each episode n the series lets you to the craving of “wants more”.
The very important perspective of the series is the clash between 2 races which means people from earth and seminarians who are from another dimension. The series talks about nativism and prejudice against people from different races. These issues are handled very delicately and beautifully in the series.

Every episode at the end keeps you surprising and you become more curious for the next episode. It keeps fans thinking that how the fantasy world keeps us amusing with its credential efforts behind the editions.
The series consists of 12 episodes where each episode is organized into its distinct manner. This season has a lot to offer and this series has a great potential to evolve further.
The original novel consists of 6 volumes so we can hope for a cop craft season 2 to make its dramatic entrance on screen.


As an alike season, 1 fans are much more excited to watch Cop Craft season 2. There are no such updates regarding it. The seventh episode of season one kept the fans as like a kid in a shop for candy. The episodes in the first season were much dramatic and thrilling. As that of the first season which was a full knack and had the convincing feel. Every character in the series may it be Tilarna Exedilica, Biz, or Jack Roth everybody was amazing. This is why the cop craft season 2 is generating curiosity in fans.

Cop Craft season 2
cop craft season 2 streaming

This is what keeps the fans excited towards the second season. We will come up with much more updates for you soon. Keep your curiosity awake.

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As cop craft season 2 had an amazing blast of characters, there is a hope of having the same blast with Cop Craft season 2. Well, the characters are not yet out for Cop Craft season 2, let us have a look at the foregoing characters:

  • Mayu Yoshioka voiced as Tilarna Exedilica
  • Fumiko Orikasa voiced Cecil Epps
  • Kenji Hamada voiced as Jack Roth
  • Kenjiro Tsuda voiced as Kei Matoba
  • Wataru Takagi voiced as Biz O’Neill
  • Volcano Ōta voiced as Kenny
  • Hōchū Ōtsuka voiced as Zelada


After the thrilling and fantastic 12 episodes of cop craft season 1, every fan is excited to know the updates of the upcoming season. Season 2 of cop craft will arrive in mid-summer of 2022 if not 2023. There is no exact date arrived till now. Keep in touch to get more updates.


cop craft season 2
cop craft release date


Where can we watch Cop Craft?

Ans: You can watch it streaming on Amazon, Netflix, google play, and Hulu.

What is the number of episodes in each season?

Ans: There is one season of cop craft having 12 episodes in all.

How many seasons are there?

Ans: There is currently one season at date. The second season will come soon.

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